Zhai Tianlin appeared at the airport a little fat, yellow sweater and fisherman hat go cute, skin quality is better than female stars

Recently, Zhai Tianlin covered his face and appeared at the airport in a low-key manner, and Zhai Tianlin, who has not been seen for a long time, has some signs of blessing. We are familiar with Bai Xiaowen, played by Zhai Tianlin in “White Deer Plain”, although he is a disgusting character, but because Zhai Tianlin interprets the role vividly, his emotions and eyes are very in place, leaving a deep impression on the audience. Since then, Zhai Tianlin has shown signs of redness. Moreover, the acting skills of the old drama bones are obvious to everyone, and the line skills and emotions will be crushed by them if they are less, but when Zhai Tianlin plays with them, his aura is not much different from them, which shows that Zhai Tianlin’s acting strength is indeed very strong

This time at the airport, the mustard yellow sweatshirt set off the white and tender Zhai Tianlin even whiter, plus fat, white fat is so pleasant. This color of clothing is suitable for fair-skinned people, dark-skinned people choose carefully, it will appear darker. The black skinny jeans that Zhai Tianlin matched are also a safe match, so that the color of clothes can also be matched with gray jeans, and blue jeans are more youthful and energetic

Zhai Tianlin’s choice of green masks is very abrupt, and the color does not match his clothes, so it feels better to wear a black mask. Cowboy fisherman hats are more age-reducing, and generally we have the impression that most children only wear cowboy hats. The yellow sweatshirt and denim fisherman’s hat are age-reducing artifacts, which are not only suitable for boys, but also for girls who want to show tenderness. In addition, if you want to wear more age-reducing, you can wear a yellow T-shirt with strappy jeans and a denim fisherman hat, which will make people feel very cute

Zhai Tianlin faced the camera, with a smile in his eyes, and looked very good. Zhai Tianlin’s age is not young, but his skin condition is still very powerful, full of collagen. His eyes and eyebrows are a plus, the lying silkworm is obvious, the eyes of the lying cicada look bigger and more spiritual, Zhai Tianlin is really lucky to have such an innate advantage, his eyebrows can also impress among many handsome male stars. It is such eyes that vividly express the emotions of the characters in “The Birth of an Actor”, which really amazes everyone

There was no fatigue in Zhai Tianlin’s eyes at all, and it seemed that he had rested well during this time. Originally, Zhai Tianlin’s figure was not very good, and Zhai Tianlin did not manage his figure during this time, resulting in him looking like a middle-aged man, greasy big belly, thick legs, and Zhai Tianlin’s body is not straight, the proportion of the body is not good, there are so many male stars with good bodies in the entertainment industry, standing together to see the gap in the figure looks more obvious, fortunately, Zhai Tianlin is taking the strength route, or it is difficult to think of better development in the entertainment industry

Because of the academic fraud incident, Zhai Tianlin’s career fell to a trough. Zhai Tianlin realized his mistake, and he was also working hard to reflect and correct it, and actively devoted himself to public welfare. Some time ago, I was photographed in the earthquake disaster relief, wearing work clothes, working quite hard

Zhai Tianlin chose a camel tweed coat as an outfit, a black sweater and black jeans as an underwear, the whole match is simple but fashionable, shoes are also a choice of insurance matching, the overall look is clean and neat, but the body is a little forward, the momentum is insufficient, if you straighten up and wear this coat will be better. In addition, this coat is not suitable for small male friends, you can choose a coat above the knee, it will be higher

This time Zhai Tianlin’s outfit is really low-key, the black jacket is a versatile basic model, male friends must have this jacket in the wardrobe, not only comfortable and casual, but also thin. Personally recommend the length above the knee, too long to look dragging. The underwear that Zhai Tianlin chose was also a basic shirt, but the hat he brought covered his spiritual qi, and the style of the hat did not match the style of the clothes, which looked very strange

Zhai Tianlin wore a white shirt and a black knitted vest, full of preppy style. This combination is now very popular, and knitted vests also come in many styles and colors, so pay attention to the color and skin tone when choosing to wear. Male friends can choose blue, black jeans and canvas shoes, white shoes to match. Little fairies can be paired with pleated skirts for a more preppy style

This trench coat is also a basic style, but some decorations have been made on the sleeves, and there is a cuff place, and the shape of the design is very special. This trench coat has a retro feeling when worn on Zhai Tianlin’s body, coupled with Zhai Tianlin’s deep temperament, this combination is very in line with his style. In addition, the floral style shirt of the leisure vacation will give him a different feeling, and his ruffian temperament and eyes are impressive

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