Miss Saori: Women’s stick cashmere sweater (with experience in saddle shoulder weaving from top to bottom)

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“Weave a few clothes with sleeves on the saddle shoulders and answer a few questions: the best way to knit clothes from top to bottom is to try them on at any time! Try it on the upper body! Try it on the upper body! Don’t overthink simple problems.”

With lines

: 26/2 2 shares 7 more points


:2.0mm 2.25mm

The size of the work

: Bust 2’7 Sleeve length 1’95 (neckline volume) Shirt length 2′ (neckline volume) Hem 3’4

Exhibition of works

Weaving instructions:

I knitted a few clothes with sleeves on the saddle shoulders and answered a few questions:

The best way to knit clothes from top to bottom is to try the upper body at any time, do not think of simple problems as complicated. Count the needle backwards, think about how you knit clothes from bottom to top, you think upside down. If you like the cutie of brain weaving, forget it.

1 How many needles are up from the collar

You can put your head in, or you can refer to the number of stitches in the collar of your sweater

2. Weave small sample to calculate the density

Knitting up and down, as if you don’t need this, as long as you have the right needle and thread

3 shoulders and sleeves plus needles

Shoulder 1-1-? This is a row of needles, especially after adding needles on the reverse side, look at the front side, if not, change the direction of the pins

2-2-? This is like a little swallow adding a needle, because I sometimes forget to add a needle on the reverse side.

So you can add needles in whatever way you want. Just flatten

Sleeve plus needle 2-1-? This attention to the position direction of the needle can be, the middle can be 2-1-1, 1-1-1

4 sleeve cage length

Combined with bottom-up clothes, the sleeve cage can add needles in advance, what if the length of the sleeve cage is enough for the bust size is not enough, the sleeve cage adds needles in advance, and more needles are added under the armpits. This is casual

5. How many stitches to add to the shoulder

Feel free to try on the shoulders and feel a little smaller than your usual clothes

6. Sleeves, armpits, flat needles, close into triangles

This is casual. See what you need

7. Round trip to the collar litter

This is still whatever method you use, no traces can be seen, the garden is your strong

8 How many needles in the shoulder

I’m about 2 inches. You can also refer to the number of stitches in your lower and upper sleeve mountains

9 How the left and right shoulders are linked and knitted

A weave front and rear collar socket is woven separately from the left shoulder and right shoulder. After first collecting the number of stitches in the back collar socket of one shoulder, stop and thread the other shoulder, and when the back collar socket on this shoulder is also collected, then put the two sides together to collect the remaining stitches of the front collar

b The left and right shoulders are knitted together, and needles are added to the left and right shoulders, and needles are added to the front collar fossa to pick needles back and forth, and needles are added to the posterior collar fossa to form the posterior collar fossa

C. Knit the left and right shoulders and needles in front and back. The anterior and posterior collar fossa are formed by adding needles

10. How big is your bust

Knit the shoulders up and down and add needles, and you can have as big as your bust

• end •

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