Katharine Pooley Mother’s Day vase shows off love from children, and Prada Rongzhai holds a solo ceramic exhibition “Duo Bao Ge” A one-week guide to pleasure

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Editor’s note: Recently, in terms of lifestyle, Katharine Pooley, FOCAL, Uncle Bud’s, Havaianas, Leica, ISDIN, Timberland, FLOS, etc. are worth knowing; Sealy, Prada Rongzhai, Bicester Shanghai and Suzhou Shopping Village, the first Oyu Flower Festival, Nai Xue’s tea, etc. are worth paying attention to.

These goodies are worth seeing

1.Katharine Pooley launches Mother’s Day collection

Katharine Pooley uses a large number of glass and crystal elements in her Mother’s Day collection to design unique vases that reflect multicolored light in the sunlight or light, suitable for side tables or coffee tables. The transparent vase of Night Gold Crystal Vase is embellished with an asymmetrical gold grid pattern, revealing an elegant beauty; Osaka White Glass Vase uses oriental-style white glass, reminiscent of comfortable white clouds, and is suitable for matching a variety of brightly colored flowers.

Katharine Pooley explains that the design of this new collection is inspired by her son’s gift from the garden every year on Mother’s Day. She hopes that every mother will have a beautiful vase to show off the love from her children, to seriously feel and appreciate the joy brought by this flower.

2. FOCAL launched a new series of Clear Mg products

In 2021, French hi-fi equipment brand FOCAL launched a new series of Clear Mg products. In addition to a more sophisticated appearance, Clear Mg also presents a clearer sound effect than the previous Clear series. At the same time, FOCAL also launched a Clear Mg Professional version for music producers and sound engineers.

FOCAL engineers designed an “M” shaped magnesium dome for the Clear Mg sound driver to enhance the realism of the sound. At the same time, the headphones can be easily driven through a single mobile audio source, so you can enjoy pure music anytime, anywhere. In addition, the comfort and refined finish of the product are also worth mentioning. The sturdy aluminum stand fits perfectly on the face, the headphone head beam is covered in leather and microfiber, and the red and black exterior design that blends classic and modern elements achieves a stylish look to the design.

3.Uncle Bud’s launches CBD skincare line Miss Bud’s

Uncle Bud’s, a natural healthy lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, USA, has launched Miss Bud’s, a CBD skincare line that fights the problems of skin aging, from gentle cleansing to deep moisturizing. Including a series of CBD sugar crystal facial scrub, CBD eye serum, CBD eye essential oil, CBD anti-wrinkle cream and other products.

It is reported that the product is rich in CBD oil and jojoba oil, which can not only delicate the eye skin, but also cleanse the skin around the eyes and assist in removing makeup. At the same time, it provides deep hydration and hydration to the skin while enhancing skin firmness and elasticity, smoothing fine lines, and alleviating deep wrinkles and crow’s feet.

4. Havaianas and Tokyo trend icon AMIAYA jointly released the cherry blossom collection

To celebrate the launch of the cherry blossom collection, Havaianas chose Tokyo and collaborated with trend icon AMIAYA for this visual blockbuster. INSPIRED BY THE TRADITIONAL JAPANESE KIMONO FOOTWEAR “ZORI (GRASS SHOES)”, AMIAYA STROLLS THROUGH TOKYO, JAPAN WEARING HAVAIANAS HAVANNA FLIP-FLOPS. Photographer Kisshomaru Shimamura took this photo in Asakusa and it attracted a lot of attention.

The Sakura collection features the brand’s most popular slim silhouette with a flower-shaped themed décor and includes a street bag with a cherry blossom strap. Havaianas hopes that in the near future we will be able to travel again to experience and enjoy the cherry blossoms firsthand.

5. Leica D-Lux 7 Street Photography Kit: Perfect for portable street photography

Leica announces the D-Lux 7 Black Edition Street Kit – a portable multifunction camera with a grip, additional COOPH black camera strap and a spare battery; An automatic lens cap that can be cleverly opened, so photographers can shoot without removing the lens cap; Features such as touchscreen operation, Bluetooth technology, and in-flight charging via the USB port are ideal for travel and street photography.

Thanks to the direct connection to the Leica FOTOS app, the Leica D-Lux 7 camera can be operated remotely via a smartphone and supports quick and easy transfer of images to iOS and Android devices.


In conjunction with Tmall Super Brand Day, ISDIN “Born into the Sun” brand launch conference came with oxygen

On March 21, Spanish skincare brand ISDIN once again teamed up with Tmall Super Brand Day to hold the “Born into the Sun” brand launch event in Haikou. This time, ISDIN and the star sun protection family will expand the sun protection scene from urban commuting and outdoor sports to desert and sea, with high sun protection. At the same time, Zhu Zhengting, the global spokesperson of the brand, came to help and ignite the “new forces to Young”.

Last year, ISDIN set a precedent for the sunscreen category to land on Tmall Super Brand Day. This year, ISDIN said that it will use the official overseas flagship store of Tmall International ISDIN as the hub to further cover the full-scene sunscreen needs of new middle-class women and lead the upgrading of sunscreen consumption for consumers of all ages.


Timberland’s GreenStride™ collection this season adheres to the concept of “born from nature, born comfortable”, using environmentally friendly fabrics, renewable materials, sugar cane and natural rubber to “co-brand” with nature to launch a series of products that combine fashion and environmental protection. In a challenging 2020, brands have also paid more attention to environmental issues. In order to fulfill the green mission, we respond to the environmental protection plan of #Nature’s Different#.

In terms of footwear, this season’s Timberland GreenStride sneakers are made of 75% renewable materials, sugar cane and natural rubber GreenStride™™ comfortable sole, which is a clever combination of fashion and environmental protection. In terms of clothing, inspired by the style of the 90s, we have launched high-performance coats based on trendy color blocks, and implemented environmental protection concepts from the inside out, while TimberDry™ waterproofing membrane provides waterproofing function to cope with various weather changes

8. FLOS newly launched the BELLHOP series floor lamp

A new addition to the Bellhop family, the BELLHOP series of floor lamps was created for Flos by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, who are best known for designing the torch for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Inspired by the desire for soft light sources: to create a modern piece that can be placed in different rooms, like an electric candle.

The base of the Bellhop floor lamp is made of highly stable concrete with smooth and comfortable surfaces, while the combination of aluminum body and opal glass shade combines different materials and sublimates the texture through colorful color combinations.

These messages are worth paying attention to:

1. Sealy’s 140-year journey to chase dreams

From the birth of the first Sealy mattress in 1881 to the world-renowned high-end mattress brand, Sealy has gone through 140 years of glorious history. For nearly a century and a half, the brand has relied on self-developed advanced technology to create high-quality mattresses to protect the quality sleep of every dreamer. Today, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, Sealy is still committed to product improvement and innovation, and continues to write a more dazzling new chapter in the journey of chasing dreams.

2. Bicester Shanghai and Bicester Suzhou Shopping Village (Yiolai) achieved historical growth

Compared with the 2019 Spring Festival holiday, the sales of Bicester Shanghai Village under Vitex Group increased by 184%, the sales of Bicester Suzhou Village increased by 116%, and the passenger traffic increased by 70% and 42% respectively. The strong performance not only far exceeds other industry brands in the same region, but also ranks among the leaders in the overall domestic consumer market.

Behind the bright data is the unremitting efforts of Bicester Shanghai and Bicester Suzhou Village to continuously promote product renewal and formulate strong growth plans, so as to become a tourist shopping vane for domestic high-end consumers.

3. Prada Rongzhai hosted the opening reception of Theaster Gates’ solo exhibition “China Cabinet”

On March 10, Prada hosted the opening reception of the solo exhibition “China Cabinet” by artist Theaster Gates at Prada Rongzhai, Shanghai’s century-old residence. Supported by the Fondazione Prada, the exhibition will open on March 11 and run until May 23.

With more than 500 guests from the Arts and Culture Festival, Theaster Gates was invited to conceive a site-specific exhibition at Prada House, speaking about his love of ceramics and the connections between his multiple identities. In addition, he conceived a narrative in three acts for the exhibition, and the story gradually unfolded as the space on the second floor of the Rongzhai gradually progressed. Tracing back to the origin of the work through the museum display, he then analyzes the economic potential and creative context of his work, and imagines himself as the owner of the Rong Mansion.

4. The first Oyu Dynasty Festival was unveiled on March 27, and the new menu in spring was unveiled simultaneously

When the spring day is in full swing, the first Flower Dynasty Festival will be held in the Yinyu Listening Hall, leading guests to feel the life energy of spring and the mindfulness journey of physical and mental sublimation. During the Flower Dynasty Festival (March 27-March 28), it is divided into three sections: Spring Market, Mindful Life Open Day, and Fun Workshop. Introducing a series of special activities that combine Eastern wisdom and Western science, the hall helps guests explore the self from the seven lifestyle habits of eating, breathing, sleeping, exercise, meditation, mindfulness and self-development, and achieve harmony and health of body, mind, soul and soul.

5. Beijing’s first Naixue PRO store landed in Changyang Longhu Tianjie

Following Nai Xue’s tea, Nai Xue’s gifts, Nai Xue wine house, Beijing’s first Nai Xue tea PRO store landed in Changyang Longhu Tianjie, with the theme of autumn moon as the modern simple design style highlights the texture of Nai Xue PRO, soft yellow lighting, original wooden tables and chairs to provide customers with a warm and comfortable feeling, specialty coffee, light roasting new upgrades, snacks and good tea can be bought and go.

In terms of products, in addition to serving fresh fruit tea and soft European bags, the most distinctive feature of the new store should be the launch of the “coffee” category. At the same time, Naixue has also expanded its bakery and retail options. The dual exit setting of online channels to place orders directly and takeaway dine-in to take meals independently speeds up the time to enjoy food.

Image source: Courtesy of the brand

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