Cool and sassy motorcycle jacket, 99% of girls can’t refuse

Speaking of motorcycle jackets, I always think of those unruly and very handsome girls. Or every girl will want to be such a girl at some point. It is better to choose a motorcycle jacket and have a handsome enough time to live up to your youth. Speaking of motorcycle jackets that look good, be sure to take a look

Françoise Hardy’s motorcycle style, not too showy, very handsome French girl style.

History of motorcycle jackets

Biker jackets are older than we think, and this cool, wild biker jacket is more than 100 years old.

Late 1920s

The motorcycle jacket is undoubtedly a classic American style item, and the creation of the motorcycle jacket is attributed to Schott NYC, which was founded in 1913 by brothers Owen and Jack Short. The Schott brothers were recognized as innovators in the apparel industry, the first company in the industry to sew zippers on jackets, revolutionizing American-made outerwear. ▼

In 1928, Owen designed the world’s first motorcycle jacket, which he sold for $5.50 at his Harley-Davidson dealership in New York. It was also the first biker jacket with a functional zipper at the time, allowing the wearer to easily put on and take off. Its predecessor was fixed with buttons, but the addition of a zipper closure ensured maneuverability. ▼

Above: Perfecto motorcycle jacket

Owen Short “Irving Schott” affectionately named his new biker jacket Perfecto after his favorite cigar shape, The Perfecto.

Above: Schott NYC’s store today


This biker jacket became famous in 1953 thanks to Hollywood heartthrob star Marlon Brando, who played a gang leader in the hit movie Wild One, then wearing Schott NYC’s Perfecto trench coat. As a result, the motorcycle jacket instantly became a cool symbol of a whole generation of young people. ▼

Above: Marlon Brando

In 1955, the Perfecto motorcycle jacket quickly became popular under the strong pursuit of James Dean, the typical rebellious teen idol of the time, and he rarely did not wear the Perfecto® motorcycle jacket when riding motorcycles. James Dean perfectly displays an effortlessly cool style. ▼

Above: James Dean


In the 1960s-1980s, the motorcycle jacket became a symbol of carefree youth and were worn by everyone from budding musicians to the Beatles, and everyone saw it as a symbol of counterculture. In the 1970s, rock became the dominant genre of the time, and rock bands often adopted biker jackets as their uniforms. Ramones used it as the cover of the albums Rocket to Russia, Leave Home, and Road to Ruin, pushing the mainstream of motorcycle jackets and giving them another sense of coolness. ▼

Above: The Ramones

Punk followed rock ‘n’ roll in the 1980s, and the subculture gave the biker jacket its most infamous transformation. Led by designers such as Vivienne Westwood and bands such as Sex Pistols, the motorcycle jacket became a symbol of the anti-government, anti-establishment movement of the 1980s. During this period, jackets were usually worn oversized and decorated with metal spikes and rivets. ▼

Above: Vivienne Westwood and her friend female rock pioneer Joan Jett are unconcerned about their bad reputation and have released a Schott NYC Perfecto® jacket with her band Blackhearts. Women all over the world imitate her tough look, making the Perfecto® jacket a staple of 80s fashion. ▼

Above: Joan Jeter

1990s to present

Biker jackets emerged from the culture of punk rock and were sought after by many Hollywood stars in the 1990s. In the clothes of the stars of the time, you can often see the figure of motorcycle jackets.

Today, the motorcycle jacket is no longer a representative of the subculture, but a cool jacket that countless girls and boys have in their wardrobes.

Of course, now there are many more choices of motorcycle jackets, whether it is the vintage Schott NYC, the high-quality Lewis Leathers, the first-line luxury Saint Laurent and Tom Ford trench coats, or the affordable motorcycle jacket, there will always be a suitable time for you.

How do you wear a motorcycle jacket?

01 Motorcycle jacket + pants


Always handsome Hailey, he is indispensable for his motorcycle jacket.

Leather clothing is very important in size! Choose a leather jacket that is larger or smaller, and it will look better! !️

Biker jackets like hailey opted for an Ovsized biker jacket with bandeau and straight-leg pants, spicy and handsome! ▼

A more everyday way of wearing. Wear it well with a skinny knit T-shirt.

Loose motorcycle jackets are more casual. The slim motorcycle jacket is more handsome and sexy. ▼

In the biker jacket, the worn old model looks really stylish

, such a style can only be found in vintage shops carefully selected. ▼

Boyish’s straight-leg jeans are the perfect choice to pair with a biker jacket

, you don’t need too many complicated pieces to match the style. Simple enough and good-looking. ▼

The leather jacket and cute pattern T-shirt are really cute! Leather jackets are also quite easy to digest a lot of items, such sexy, workplace lace-up sandals are also controlled, and it is really very stylish to wear them in the workplace. ▼

A more low-key workplace biker jacket with white jeans, Martin boots, and small suspenders. If you feel that the suspenders are not suitable for the workplace, switch to a simple white T-shirt and the effect will be just as good. Simple but stylish way to wear in the workplace. ▼

For a cooler look, wear yours with skinny jeans. But skinny jeans are really easy to step on. If it is a sister with a pear-shaped body and thick legs, you must choose carefully.

When teaming it with a biker jacket, opt for a jeans shirt to transition the layers and look very young.

Wide-leg pants

This outfit is really beautiful! It is just as handsome to apply directly. The concave look with wide-leg jeans is really very fashionable! The silhouette up and down is really beautiful, so you can wear it with a motorcycle jacket every day! ▼

Cargo pants that like a neutral style for their sisters every day, you can choose cargo pants, Martin boots and a biker jacket. Handsome on handsome! ▼


In addition to jeans and workwear, khaki pants that are easy to wear daily with a motorcycle jacket are quite suitable. Simple and everyday feel. ▼

Sisters who like a more temperamental may wish to imitate the Han Fan wearing method of this temperament! It’s really a great look that will not be forgotten! Motorcycle jackets can also be said to be sweet with a bit of handsomeness. Wide-leg pants made of corduroy fabric give the outfit a more textured look. ▼

Biker jackets can also perfectly hold the style of everyday freshness. Simple black wide-leg pants, knitwear, match, comfortable and good-looking. ▼

02 Motorcycle jacket + skirt


Try pairing your biker jacket with some sexy, fresh feminine pieces. Floral skirts, stockings and motorcycle jackets, handsome and a little sweet, this sense of contrast is really good-looking. ▼

Sexy red skinny dress with biker jacket. Sexy and very handsome. Of course, when matching motorcycle jackets, try to wear as little jewelry as possible, and the wild biker girl’s outfit does not match jewelry. ▼

How to wear it handsomely, you may wish to choose a long T-shirt in the dark style as a dress with a leather jacket, you always think that you will be a handsome and quiet motorcycle girl! ▼


In addition to dresses, denim skirts, lace skirts in the wardrobe. Try it with a biker jacket. ▼

The handsome motorcycle jacket is really a good item to wear every day and easy to shine.

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Wide-leg pants

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