Freshman Commencement Essentials List – Girls

The national unified college entrance examination has been passed for a while, and the admission results will be announced successively between July and August, and here I wish everyone can be admitted to their favorite university.

College life and high school life can be said to be completely different, so be mentally prepared before entering college, we are about to face a new life. To enter the university, we need some essentials such as thermos cups, suitcases, etc. For us who are about to face military training, some sunscreen is also a must. Of course, if it is troublesome, we can also buy these things at the location of our university, but if it is in a big city, the things there are a little more expensive, so we may as well prepare some necessities in advance, and the editor will sort out a list for your reference here.

First, the materials that need to be prepared for check-in

(This is also the most important)

1. Admission notice, college entrance examination


textual research

Portfolio (some need to bring your own, some high schools will send it directly to the university), transcripts (bring them if any)


A copy of the household registration book (my page), ID card and a copy of both sides (there will be a place to copy at school, but there will definitely be many people in line when school starts),

ID photos (1 inch, 2 inches can be prepared,

Register, fill in the student registration card, and apply

Clubs, Student Council


, handover


, apply for work-study and so on


Proof of the relationship between the Party and the League organization

(After graduating from high school, the file issued by the school is also needed for the start of school)

4. Bank card and a small amount of cash

(Pay the fee, some schools only accept cash for some procedures)

Second, daily necessities

The school is basically sold, considering that there are many things to do at the beginning of school and I am not familiar with the school, I will consider it at my own discretion


Toiletries (including toothbrushes, toothpaste,

Mouthwash cup,

Facial cleanser, towel)

Skin care products (water, milk, essence, etc.), sunscreen (essential for military training)

Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel (

Large bottles are cost-effective, but you can also prepare small bottles first, and the burden is light when you go to the bathhouse


Drawer, washbasin, storage box (this suggestion to prepare a few more, girls have a lot of things, definitely use), water cup (it is recommended to prepare two, one for the bedroom, one for class), lunch box (chopsticks, spoon), folding mirror (placed on the table, convenient and easy to store),

Combs, water bottles, etc.

Third, clothing and bedding

Clothes (coats, underwear, socks, etc.) Local students may be able to go home once a month or so, and they can not bring clothes for non-seasonal items), shoes, and slippers

Hangers (two clothes), clothespins, hooks (can be attached to the wall)

Three-piece set on the bed (2-3 sets can be prepared for easy washing), quilt (thin and thick two beds), pillow

Mosquito nets, mattresses, small benches, etc. (consider at your own discretion, if you have too many things to bring, you can buy these after school)

Fourth, school supplies

1. Pen, notebook, bag

2. Mobile phone (needless to say, it is now a necessity),

Laptop (during college, computers are essential, some course selection, study, etc. need to be completed on the computer), power strip (it is recommended to choose a USB interface), small desk lamp (rechargeable type is better)

These are the editors

The list of essential items for college girls compiled for you hopes to help you, and you are welcome to comment and add if you have any omissions.







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