Wear a “white shirt” in early summer, why is it recommended to wear it this way? Multiple outfit demonstrations, you can see at a glance

Summer will soon begin, and a woman’s favorite item is a lightweight shirt. In addition to being more elegant and intellectual than T-shirts, shirts are suitable for more occasions, and can also be used in different matching methods to show the beauty of women’s rigidity and softness.

In early summer, the white shirt that everyone loves to wear, how to wear it to get rid of mediocrity and wear a good temperament? This issue brings you some very practical dressing demonstrations and suggestions, let’s take a look together!

Random “big woman” style dressing method

This way of wearing generally does not stuff the corners, and does not need to tuck the hem of the shirt into the waist of the trousers, requiring the white shirt to have a certain degree of looseness, so it is recommended to choose a loose and casual fit, which will be easier to wear the casual and casual and natural relaxed state of the “big woman”.

If you want to be more refreshing, you can choose the classic “black and white matching” on the color matching, white shirt and black pants, clean and clear, plus black canvas shoes, more dashing and relaxed.

You can also use a loose white shirt with khaki wide-leg pants, jeans or a slim straight skirt, and use the white shirt to naturally drop the placket to wear the dashing posture and aura of a big woman.

In addition, this way of wearing needs to pay attention to the shape and material of the white shirt, it is recommended to choose a structured, not easy to wrinkle fabric, silk, chiffon is too soft and collapsed, pure cotton will be easy to wrinkle, not suitable for this way of wearing.

Elegant intellectual style wearing

The white shirt actually has its own intellectual temperament, if you want to wear an elegant and high-class feeling, you can choose a style with a sense of design, such as small bell sleeves, delicate small stand collars, etc., with black high-waisted wide-leg pants, simple and elegant, very aura. It can also be paired with black high-waisted radish pants, which are simple and neat, and it is also easy to wear an elegant and intellectual femininity.

Literary and artistic style wearing

The white shirt made of cotton and linen is the easiest to wear a relaxed and natural literary style, with a khaki pleated skirt, the color matching feels very intellectual and very temperamental. Slim small lapel short-sleeved white shirt, elegant and retro, all buttons buttoned to show more literary temperament, bottom with navy blue straight trousers, simple and fresh, can be worn like this in early summer, absolutely refreshing and pleasant.

Japanese “light mature style” wearing method

In early summer, you can incorporate gentle colors into the matching of white shirts to add a bright atmosphere to the overall outfit.

Choose a soft pink umbrella skirt, light green cropped long pipe pants, and a simple basic white shirt, which adds a touch of color to make the white shirt look brighter and more gentle. You can also wear it with a romantic and fresh little floral A-line dress to wear the romance and elegance of early summer.

French chic dressing

French women’s interpretation of white shirts has its own unique charm. Lazy and romantic, is their best interpretation of the white shirt. You can choose a retro lace panel, balloon sleeve, raffle collar and other white shirts with design details, loosen a few more buttons, or tie the hem of the white shirt in a knot at will to create a casual sense of casualness, which can make the overall outfit more stylish.

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