Not all peach pits can play Oxford Red! Peach pit super dry goods to understand

After the peach pit caught fire



There are more and more people

Every now and then, there will be


Leave a message for the iron plate girl

Q: When will the peach pit come again?

Saying another article is like another plate

That definitely shows the content of the iron plate girl

It’s like a secret roast

It was recognized and liked

However, the iron plate girl has a hand in barbecue

The dry goods of this peach pit still have to be found


@白鹤 Play peach pit for three years

Played almost all the cores

There are also a lot of dried goods with peach kernels in hand

So the iron plate girl is responsible for roasting hard dishes

This dry product is said by @白crane!

I played skewers until my fifth year

That is, three years ago, I saw someone send peach pits in the sticker bar

I think it looks good

Then start clubbing to find out

My first bunch of peach kernels didn’t have textures

It is a big brother in the northeast countryside

Pick it yourself, give it to me

It was played for more than a year and less than two years

After that, I saw everyone’s post on the post bar

It’s not quite the same as I played myself

The texture looks better than mine,


The type is also better than mine

The most important thing is that my game is black

Everyone else is playing in the red

Later, the research began

I learned that the peach pit is also divided into pile-type grains

A peach pit with the property of play

I didn’t pick it myself in the roadside mountains

You can play red and play beautifully

I loved apple orchards from the beginning

Because the apple orchard this core is particularly positive

I also played one myself, and I played it for more than a year

Slowly I don’t like this

The same dwarf pile has a big belly

Also at this time

Out of the stage of novice Xiaobai

A lot of homework was done at that time

As long as there is free time every day

It’s spent on studying peach pits

* Peach pits

* Peach pit

I usually play with peaches and peaches

The mountain peach pit is the dense brain pattern pit that everyone plays normally

The peach pit is a bit like the peach pit of the peaches eaten

丨Peach pit

Peach playability is relatively low

Only textures with high rarity are playable

The brain sciae changes color slowly, but as long as the cortical density is in place

Generally walk Oxford red

The wear of peaches is particularly great

Play for a year or two and the surface wears out

Exceptionally smooth

But most go black and red

丨Mountain peach pit

Keep your hands clean for daily play

Brush for more than ten minutes a day

Peach requires a lot of brushing

Otherwise, the surface wear becomes greater

The grain will still be rough

丨Very rare Mongolian life, 3 years of play

The peach pit category is divided by region

It is roughly divided into Northeast Nuclear and Hebei Nuclear

Let’s talk about it

The difference between these two nuclei

Rust problems

There are more words about peach pits

Start with a new nucleus

Clean the rust before priming

Hebei stone rust is relatively less

Northeast stone rust is more

But there is a special class in the Northeast core

That is the Panjin nucleus

Panjin is a place with a particularly strong peach culture

Basically everyone plays peach pits

There are also many good cores of Panjin

This leads to Panjin nucleus every year

It was finished before it was time to go down the tree

The peach kernel will protect the skin when it is not yet ripe

At this time, the person who got the panjin nuclear green skin

The kernel will be boiled in water, and then cleaned up after cooking

This is why the core of Panjin is generally tender yellow

And there is no reason for rust

丨Panjin nucleus

A lot of people have questions

When the Panjin nucleus is not mature, Just boil it with water

It will not affect the cortex and the effect of the game

Over time, it gets longer

The first batch of boiled panjin cores played red one after another

The theory that affects cortex and effect is self-defeating

This core is relatively mature in the Panjin core

This line is considered a muscle line

Most panjin nuclei

It has this abnormal yellow skin color

The colors that come out of the game are also more vivid

Borrow a picture

Rust cleaning

Because the flesh residue and white tendons are in the seams

Only cleaned up at the new nuclear stage

The peach pits that are played can be clean and translucent

Specific rust cleaning methods

Hebei nuclear and northeast nuclear are the most mainstream

It is also the most controversial method

It is to go through hydrogen peroxide first

Rinse with clean water after hydrogen peroxide

Clean it in the water with a dense steel wire

After drying, it is then primed with dense steel wire and hard nano

丨Self-named unicorn, produced in the northeast

Disc play color difference

I’ve played with more than 30 peach pits

Basically all the nuclei are included

I think Hebei nuclear plays with grain and pile type

The northeast nucleus plays with cortex and density

The two have different emphases

But the northeast core is not necessarily a pile-type grain is not good

Hebei nucleus is not necessarily poor cortical density

Hebei nuclear color is more Oxford red

The northeastern core mostly walks rich red

The better the cortex, the less likely it is to be poor

丨This is the top one in Hebei Core

Peach pit price

The peach pit market has long been very formal

There is a professional hype team

The peach pit fire should have been the year before last

The hyped peach pits are

Panjin Tree Emperor, Shenyang Muscle, etc

Now the price of peach pits ranges from 200-2000

Except for a few special speculation genres



Cortex, density, pile type, grain

Scarcity, uniformity these factors determine

丨Northeast nucleus

Peach pits are the same as other varieties

Both the smallest and largest sizes are expensive

The smallest size can be up to 1.0

23 sizes up are considered large

It is also because the peach pit size is very complete and the audience is very wide

So there are no particularly popular sizes either

All sizes are quite popular

How to play the plate

The first and most important step in getting your hands on it

That’s what it is: priming

Say important things three times

The bottom of the base for about two hours is enough

Carefully clean it with dense steel wire

And then with hard nanometers,

Clean until the surface becomes moist

丨Liaoxi yellow peach, produced in Liaoxi, looks like yellow peach

Peach pits are not squeamish and very skinny

So I usually play with my clean hands

Just have time to brush up

However, the peach pit is indeed very slow

Let’s have some patience with the game

@白鹤 explains

Is it so that many peach kernel players suddenly understand

Previous about peach pits,

The iron plate girl only knows that it is divided into brain patterns, dragon patterns and so on

I didn’t expect that there was so much attention to the production area

I really raised a lot of poses

It should also be of great help to beginners to get started

Whether it is to take dry goods also has to be expressed

At the end of the text

Comment, favorite, like

Don’t skimp on it

Let’s get it all up little by little!


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