Have you caught up with the “hot” watches that bloom more?

About a quarter of an hour after pushing Glashütte’s original perpetual calendar last week, one reader decided, and some people went to the store to try it on after work, and everyone’s conversation revolved around that day

“This watch reminds you of the pure love of watches.”

“At the beginning, I like the watch is very pure, which one looks good and which is handsome, at most look at which one is more expensive, as for what market rise and value retention rate do not matter. Now when faced with a table, I always think of heat and retention rate. One reader said that he actually wished he could get out of the mud without being clean.

If I were to summarize two major trends, they would be nothing more than that:

1, only love the appearance and do not look at the technology. 2. Love to chase value and give up personal preferences.

Improving the value of appearance can only be done by the brand, and not being trapped by value preservation is the self-cultivation of consumers.

Today the rabbit just collected recently interesting (


) new table, talk to everyone, popular outside the public has potential or valuable options.

In the early years, even if the watch was hot, it was not so crazy, and the most important feature was that when a new watch was released, many people did not expect it to be very hot, so it was relatively easy for individual customers to buy from the store at a public price, such as Rolex Panda Di after the listing for up to a year and a half to maintain a premium of more than 40,000 levels, as for the madness behind everyone knows.

After that, the sweetness began to squat to analyze and predict the new table, or artificially hype, the typical example is the previous Vacheron Constantin’s crisscrossing, the traces of artificial price increases are too obvious. And Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Rolex will hardly slip through the net.

This is for many people who pursue head brands, the pain of not being able to ask for –

In an area where consensus is very concentrated, finding leaks is quite slim.

For example, when Patek Philippe released 3 new watches in the first two months, 2 were green dials.

These are the Flyback Chronograph Calendar 5905/1A-001 and the World Time Flyback Chronograph 5930P-001

Patek Philippe’s green plates in the past two years have been very successful, and even the Twenty~4 women’s watch has been in a long line. Although it seems to be a little later than the market popularity, the boss’s influence is there after all, and it is normal for everyone to flock to it.

Coupled with the green-faced nautilus at the forefront, the market naturally predicts that the green Patek Philippe will be popular – and it is naturally stable if you do not seek to become rich.

Of course, there are many people who have made reservations, because this is a kind of consensus and there is no need to teach it.

Look at Audemars Piguet, the new Royal Oak, no matter how many gems are set and the price is high, there are big guys fighting madly, and the higher the competition is, the more fierce (

No way it really looks good

), ordinary styles can no longer meet their needs.

The new Royal Oak Concept floating tourbillon watch

At the same time, once the CODE 11.59 series is updated, it will also be targeted immediately, such as the recent new skeletonized tourbillon watch, which was immediately released and a reader sent me that he decided to pre-order, because I have always liked the two-tone gold case design before CODE, but I want to wait for a big guy.

It is a combination of 18K white and 18K rose gold and is powered by Calibre 2948

This no, the big guys are coming, as we expected, also in the wallet plans of many people.

If you still think that Audemars Piguet only has royal oaks, it may be even further from the general trend. This choice will only be understood when consumption reaches this stage – the CODE 11.59 series is also in my plans.

The third typical representative of this year’s hot pursuit is Lange’s owl Lumen.

I heard the wind a long time ago, and finally waited for it to come out

Lange & Söhne watches bearing the name “Lumen”, which I have previously introduced, this particular collection was born in 2010 with a charming luminous glow on the plate. If you know a little about Lumen, you will know the previous big head Lumen (

The DATOGRAPH large date shows the power reserve indicator “Lumen” watch

How sought after.

But compared to the previous two years, when some people looked for it afterwards, this year everyone is looking for it, because they all know the meaning and value of “Lumen”.

Look at the performance in the shadows

Fortunately, for those who are determined to get it, as long as this watch has enough sincerity and purchasing power, there is still a chance to get it.

The next few pieces look a little niche, but they are still hot in their respective circles, or have great potential.

First of all, everyone should remember Hublot’s Murakami Takashi watch, the first generation is hot enough, the second generation will be released soon on the 8th, but unfortunately I have neither a picture nor can I say more, interested parties can pay attention.

Secondly, I have a very strong interest in Bulgari this year, and I will show you two watches.

The first is the Gerald Genta Arena Smile Disney Mickey Mouse Retro watch released on Geneva Watch Day.

Mickey Mouse is an iconic cartoon element of the Gerald Genta brand

Master Zunda needless to say, the Nautilus and the Royal Oak were all by him. In 2000, Bulgari acquired his eponymous brand.

As a retrograde watch, Mickey Mouse’s left arm indicates the minute of retrograde within a 210-degree area.

There are only 150 in the world, and it is predicted that China will not be too much, which is definitely crazy to grab the rhythm

Where we can’t see, there are people who are crazy about love, and that’s the norm.

The second, just launched earlier, is a collaboration between Bulgari and independent watchmaking brand MB&F, the Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra.

MB&F has been keen to cooperate in the past two years, and has previously worked with another independent watchmaking brand, H. Moser &Cie

In fact, it is a characteristic model of MB&F comparison, and coupled with Bulgari’s strong colored gemstones, it is equivalent to combining the characteristics of the two in the table.

Of course, the style is more feminine

Simply put, the biggest feature of this watch design is the unique angle design, so that only the wearer himself can easily see the time.

In its name, FlyingT, the “T” stands for Tiffany, wife of MB&F founder Max Büsser, and also means Tourbillon

This watch is available in 20 pieces each in white 18K gold with diamonds and 18K rose gold.

Finally, since the independent watchmaking brand H. Moser & Cie. has just been mentioned, there is also a special new watch this year, the bronze watch “Since 1828”, the successor of the limited edition.

This collection was inspired by the design that transformed pocket watches into watches

Can’t you see the dial logo at first glance? Its charcoal grey smoky dial is branded with Cyrillic.

Powered by the HMC200 calibre, it has a power reserve of three days

This watch is 42 mm in diameter and limited to 50 pieces.

A few days ago, a reader asked about the current situation of the recent surge of independent watchmaking brands. I didn’t focus on this topic, and I didn’t want to add fuel to the fire – a brand like FPJ that is in a high position, unless you have a lot of money reserves and want to play for the long term, I don’t recommend everyone to do their best to chase high.

Buying a watch is still within the scope of preferences and abilities, which is more pleasant.

When it comes to popularity, it is inevitable that you can’t escape the purchase method of popular models.

In fact, today, many brands have thresholds. When it comes to cumulative consumption, it can also be regarded as a protection mechanism for old customers – the return of their years of consumption support (

Individuals artificially make cumulative consumption more reasonable than the distribution system, which can allow us to see expectations and maintain long-term consumer loyalty


Of course, brands need to improve their consumption management mechanisms – for example, there are always VIPs who forget their original intentions and buy watch sellers.

If there is a loophole, then fill it. For example, limiting the number of purchases of similar or similar materials and maintaining the frequency of purchases are feasible, and these issues are worth thinking about if the brand desires a good consumption environment and has a relatively non-utilitarian group of high-quality customers.

But most importantly, for most people, it is much wiser to discover promising new brands and products (or buy unpopular but favorite products at reasonable prices) than to squeeze into the deadlock of others.

After all, what is necessary to get? Broaden your horizons and consume happily.

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