The 3 thick coats that are inseparable in winter are beautiful and warm, and I have bought several of them

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Good noon sisters~

Received a message from a fan yesterday afternoon: “

Can you recommend some thicker coats?

“It must be arranged immediately!

After entering the winter, under normal circumstances, we will only wear “life-saving” down jackets, and only when we rarely attend events or dates, we will wear temperamental coats.

Today I will share with my sisters a few of the pieces I recently started

Thick coat

, the warmth index is close to five stars,



Slightly fat

of girls can find something that suits them.

NO.1 Cropped tweed coat

The first recommended is

Cropped tweed coat

, which should be right

Small children

The friendliest coat, especially

Lace-up design


Different from the ordinary cropped tweed coat, this one

Hooded model

More designed, it does a hidden button design, more grade.

It has one more article

Tonal belt

, even more when wearing the belt

Apparent proportions

。 Choose a pair of small black pants for girls who are not confident in their height, and step on a pair of black boots to help you show your legs.

This short coat color is though


, but completely different from the previous model, it is a scaled-down version “

Bathrobe style

“Coat, structured bodice.

The design of the belt allows it to wear out

Two senses

: Casual and casual when open, and can show your elegant temperament when tied.

In order not to confuse everyone, I deliberately chose one

White turtleneck sweater

It is suitable for daily commuting.

If you want to focus on commuting, still

Suit collar

Tweed coat

The most reliable. Very thick wind shield, shoulder pad design is very atmospheric.

Wear one piece inside

Turtleneck sweater

, wintering in the south is not too much of a problem. The bottoms are still the same

Little black pants + booties

The combination of warmth can also show leg length.

This checked woolen jacket also comes with a belt, a simple series not only stretches out a thin waist, but also achieves visual height, and the sisters of the heart take action~

NO.2 Mid-length lace-up coat

In everyday life, still

Mid-length coat

The most we wear, the length that covers the knees means more warmth, and it is easier to wear a sense of luxury.

I don’t say, you can imagine it’s one piece


Coat? The thread routing is neat and smooth, and every stitch and thread is the essence.

Wool fibers

Closer to cashmere fiber, it can be warmer than regular wool.

In addition to keeping warm, the fit is also excellent,

Large lapel design

More style, the upper body behind the look highlights its own aura. The design of the two plackets is amazing, and the minimalist style is king.

This coat can also be worn by small girls, because it comes with a belt, which easily optimizes the proportions of the body, and looks thin and tall.

This one is very good for you to choose the right one

Han Fan’er

of styles, and a little

Tooling style

The smell, put on the body anyway

Very sassy

。 It belongs to ordinary people who can immediately wear the aura.

It is not picky

Loose fit

, plus this article

, only need a simple series, there will be a casual sense of fashionable atmosphere.

Even if you are in the north, wearing this coat and a bib, it is not impossible to survive the winter~

If it’s warm, it has to be like this

Double-sided tweed coat

, it is also soft to the touch. The right cut and the drape of the fabric, the upper body looks thin.

NO.3 Imitation fur all-in-one coat

Imitation leather clothing in one

The coat is a very magical existence, it has the shape of a classic coat, but it brings you a warmth far beyond the woolen coat.

This coat fabric is

Imitation suede

, inside is

Imitation lamb hair

(is it super eco-friendly), that texture is very thick, wearing it can make you get enough warmth.

The loose silhouette and dropped shoulder sleeves make it cool and quite feeling.

Mid-length + double-breasted

The design, whether buttoned up or worn open, looks good in fried chicken!

In order to match this coat, I also chose a pair of plush flat shoes, which felt a good match with it~

The second coat with imitation fur is the opposite, its fur surface is on the outside, full of velvet, and the touch has a sense of warmth.

The collar type is the highlight, and the age reduction is attractive

Doll collar



The design of the face is very decorative~

I hope that the few thickened coats I recommend today can help our fans, see you in the next issue~

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Tonal belt

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