Thickened 3 layers of clad steel, uncoated pot is healthier

The New Year is coming, have you chosen a gift for returning home for the New Year? The most important thing to give gifts to the family is to be practical and affordable, kitchen pots and pans are the most frequent in daily households, choose a good pot for parents or wives, not only easy to use, practical, but also bring healthy three meals a day. Let’s take a look at this new hot composite stainless steel pot set that I recently discovered, using advanced German high-end technology, 3 layers of clad steel, 500 tons of heavy pressure integrated molding, full of materials, no coating is healthier.

High-end quality, star chef experience:

After opening the package, I was amazed by the materials and workmanship of this pot, which is worthy of using German high-end technology, 3 times the materials used in ordinary soup pots, full of sense of portion, and the details are almost perfect.

Minimalist and smooth pot body design without dead ends, fine brushed sanding process on the surface, under close inspection, the texture is uniform, and the appearance of the pot is really super high. After my actual measurement: the composite steel soup pot + steamer set claims to reach an astonishing 3.6KG, and the net weight of the milk pot is also 1.35KG, which shows that the material is really sufficient, giving people a “heavy” sense of steadiness~

3 layers of clad steel, 2.6mm thick pot wall:

Starting with such a heavy weight, after understanding, the pot body is made of 3 layers of thickened composite steel after 500 tons of heavy pressure die-casting, and the inner layer of food-grade 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance and no rust, used to cook food healthier. The middle layer is made of aluminum alloy with high heat transfer, which has the function of fast heat conduction, making cooking more time-saving and energy-saving. The outer layer is made of 430 magnetic conductive stainless steel, which is not afraid of scratching at the same time, and does not pick stoves, induction cooker light wave furnace or natural gas open flame can quickly heat up. The three layers of steel complement each other to create high-end quality.

The three-layer thickened steel is made of 500 tons of heavy pressure die-casting, one-piece molding does not come off the bottom, the thickness of the pot wall reaches 2.6mm, the daily bump will not leave any traces, the workmanship is meticulous, the pot lid is tightly closed after the lid, and the sealing is good.

Healthier without coating, safe cleaning:

True uncoated pot body, without any chemical coating, safe and healthy. The drawing process is still shiny for a long time. Good wear resistance, you can also clean with steel wire balls.

Thicken the bottom of the pot, constant temperature concentrated energy:

The bottom of the pot is thicker than the wall of the pot, so that the food in the pot is heated more evenly, and the phenomenon of “cold bottom hot wall” when heating will not occur. The thickened pot bottom has better heat storage performance, higher durability and life.

Electric welding process, no rivets and no screws:

The whole pot cannot see any screws or rivets, and the spot welding process for high-end pots is adopted, and the handle and the pot body are seamlessly connected.

No matter from the outside or inside the pot, you can not see any traces of welding, no rivets and no dead corners will not hide dirt, high-end beauty and good looks, more convenient to clean.

Cast handles, durable:

The handles are all cast, full of weight, and polished by multiple processes, delicate feeling, durable and good-looking.

7 liters practical capacity:

26cm large-diameter soup pot, 13.5cm deep pot body, can stew the whole chicken, whether it is soup stew or dumplings, the deep pot body is not easy to overflow.

The steaming drawer in the set is tightly combined with the soup pot so that the steam does not leak out. You can steam 6 hairy crabs at a time, one pot is multi-purpose, and cooking for the New Year is faster.

The opening of the steaming drawer is even, and the polishing is delicate, without burr edges and no handles.

Practical milk pot, more convenient for one person:

Be sure to buy this milk pot, the same materials and technology as the soup pot, 18cm diameter, more practical capacity than the traditional milk pot, when alone, cooking is convenient and cleaned, and the usage rate is extremely high.

The lid of the milk pot is equipped with a double-sized draining hole, which can be used to quickly dispense soup along the drain according to the ingredients.

Solid materials, exquisite workmanship, quality choice:

Whether it is the thickened glass on the lid, the extended handle of the milk pot, or the holes in the steamer that have been polished by multiple layers of technology, the craftsmanship is evident everywhere.

Choosing such an uncoated composite steel pot for the family is not only super good-looking, practical and durable, but also ensures the safety and health of three meals a day, which is definitely a well-intentioned household gift. If you like it, go check it out~

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