60 Marshall Custom Edition mobile speakers for old mini guitarists

There are many inconspicuous niche car brands in the UK, which do not have the large-scale production capabilities of OEMs, but have a very flexible customization model, so they have also obtained many brand cooperation opportunities. And David Brown Automotive, a niche British car brand, recently commissioned a limited edition of 60 retro mini units from the famous audio brand Marshall.

To talk about Marshall, the audio brand, its retro shape and black and gold color matching, in front of today’s high-tech smart speakers look particularly different, but this alternative is actually a trip at the beginning of the brand. Because founder Jim Marshall was introduced to rock music early on, he had a very good relationship with many musicians, but they also always complained that the sound of the show was too rubbish and did not have a set of sound suitable for rock and roll. Jim Marshall made the first mass-produced speaker JTM45 with the idea of giving it a try, which was a great success in the rock circle and gradually became a must-have audio brand for rock musicians. So much so that some great guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and others have used Marshall’s speakers to leave many classic works for posterity.

And these 60 Marshall custom retro minis, using the Mini 1.3-liter A-series engine and five-speed manual transmission, obviously this power and gearbox is not the focus of this customization, because this car is to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Marshall brand, so the inside and out reveal Marshall elements, so that the music can follow you anywhere.

First of all, the black-dominated appearance is embellished with gold lines on the center net and wheel edges, and the hub cap is also the “M” logo of the gold Marshall, which echoes the appearance of the Marshall speaker. In addition, as a well-known audio company, the car was also converted into a mobile Marshall speaker by David Brown. The interior of the car is still dominated by black and gold colors, and the gold paint on the center console and door panels is interesting, and the interesting thing is that the three pedals of clutch, brake, and accelerator are also designed to switch songs, pause and play buttons, allowing you to have a fun listening to songs while driving.

Another important point is that in the trunk of these two, Marshall’s DSL1CR electric guitar amp is placed in the originally small space, allowing guitarists to show their superb guitar skills anytime, anywhere. In addition, there is also a Marshall Emberton portable Bluetooth speaker in the car, and there is also a new Motif ANC wireless Bluetooth headset and charging port in the glove box, which is worthy of the Marshall customized version, and all the places that can be displayed must be arranged.

Marshall’s DSL1CR electric guitar amps

Marshall Motif ANC wireless bluetooth headset

Marshall Emberton portable Bluetooth speaker

Editor’s summary: Although the price of this car has not been announced, after all, it is a customized version of a Marshall, and there are many Marshall speaker products inside, so the price of this car is definitely not cheap. But both Marshall and David Brown Automotive said a portion of the proceeds from the sale of those vehicles would go to the Music Venues Trust, which will support coronavirus-affected venues to help them weather the pandemic.

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