Versatile gray men’s cashmere jumper, classic more practical (with tutorial)

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The Fulang flower, which has been blooming for more than two months, is her own

Splendid to others


Weaving and love

Need light, need to implant a romance and beauty in your heart

The breeze comes gray, soft, moderate, humble, ordinary

Just like you and me, ordinary people stay together

The rising sun and the moon conceal the joy of the first sight

Wire: Velvet ball soot 386 grams

Tool: 2.25mm 3mm ring pin

Ready-to-wear size: chest width 107cm, shoulder width 42cm, garment length 67cm

Weaving instructions:

The back piece is 2.25mm starting with 158 needles, 14 rows of single thread are replaced by 3mm 170 rows, 6 stitches are flattened under the armpit, 2-3-1 2-2-1 2-1-7 is woven to 19cm of the sleeve cage, and 34 stitches are woven on the left and right shoulders, and the shoulders are woven obliquely.

The number of stitches in the front piece is the same as the back piece, the pattern arrangement is illustrated with a reference illustration, the collar is 9cm deep, 20 stitches are left in the middle, 2-5-1 2-4-1 2-3-1 2-2-1 2-1-n to the shoulder with 34 stitches left.

The collar machine side, weaving tutorial forum is huge, everyone searches

The sleeve starts with 86 stitches (33-20-33 arrangement), according to the ancestral Dafa weave sleeve mountain, 6 stitches on the left and right of the armpit, 12-2-12 to 68 cuffs knitted 5cm thread.

The front of the body is stitched and the sleeves are stitched back and stitched.

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Cosmic Super Invincible Big Beauty’s Velvet Sweater: Gemini’s Shaohua Orange

The old man’s velvet sweater is this

Illustration: Thank you for your hard work in translating ~ Zhou Zhou Xue translated — broadleaf tree, men’s vest


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