Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife vacationed by the sea! Wearing 200 slippers, the two wear black and white with sweetness

Facebook’s founder, Zuckerberg, has always been known for his frugality in dressing, and he also wears the most ordinary T and jeans when attending events. Zuckerberg’s Chinese wife

Priscilla Chen is usually very low-key, not at all like a rich wife. A few days ago, Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife were vacationing by the sea, and the two were really sweet! The two are still saving to the end.

1. Couples on seaside vacation black and white attire

Zuckerberg and his wife share a two-person world, and the two surf and walk the sea, still like a couple in love. The dress by the sea, everyone should think of bikinis, or fairy-style floral dresses. And the Facebook lady is dressed in a very conservative pants look.

Jumpsuits like this are actually more suitable for surfing. And Zuckerberg himself is a surfer, and his and his wife’s styling this time really reveals a sense of sweetness. The Chinese wife is dressed in white pants, and he is wearing black pants, especially like a couple’s outfit!

Zuckerberg’s Chinese wife has often been complained about being old, and under the background of such sportswear, plus a baseball cap, she really looks young and energetic! Zuckerberg’s wife often appears without makeup, and does not complain about her appearance in the unexpected world.

In fact, Zuckerberg’s wife is a relatively toned kind, and her leg line is very good-looking. The skin is very healthy wheat-colored, Zuckerberg once again put on his pair of slippers that have appeared many times, and these 200-piece slippers have become a must-have item for the summer look of this top rich man.

Second, Zuckerberg’s 200 slippers have a high photo rate

Even at a rich party, Zuckerberg looks so casual, wearing a long-sleeved T-shirt and shorts, paired with this pair of plastic slippers from Adidas, and appearing with other top rich people, Zuckerberg never seems to care about these external things.

According to our traditional concept, attending such a high-end party, should you wear a more ceremonial suit. And in social etiquette, you can’t wear such slippers to come, it can only be said that Zuckerberg has his own unique sense of fashion.

And Zuckerberg himself surfed on the beach, he also wore these slippers that we can all afford. I have to say that the versatility of this pair of slippers is still very strong, it is a neutral style, and many girls have also been planted.

Third, the Zuckerbergs’ rare formal style

Zuckerberg is very rare to wear a suit, and it is even more rare for his Chinese wife to be accompanied by a dress dress. Zuckerberg’s figure is relatively petite, so wearing a suit does have some feeling of not being able to hold up.

But Zuckerberg’s wife, dressed up well, is still very stunning and temperamental.

Priscilla Chen’s wrapped red dress is very oriental, with her oriental face, although she is not the kind of girl with particularly delicate facial features, but full of elegance and intellectual beauty.

Zuckerberg and his wife now have two daughters, and his wife also experienced ups and downs when she was pregnant.

Although Priscilla Chen looks a little old-fashioned, when she was with Zuckerberg, she was complained about like a mother and son before. But Priscilla Chen is a very intelligent woman, and both belong to the type of high intelligence.

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Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife vacationed by the sea! Wearing 200 slippers, the two wear black and white with sweetness

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