It’s the beginning of school again, and several low-power small home appliances are recommended

【People’s Home Power Grid Recommendation】Another school season, after experiencing the ravages of the epidemic in the first half of the year, the majority of students finally returned to the campus that was both strange and familiar, and began the long-separated residential life. Of course, the dormitory is not more strict than the home, in terms of safety restrictions, such as the use of electrical appliances, the voltage is limited, can not use higher power appliances, but need to choose low power appliances. In fact, as long as it is properly selected, the functions and effects of low-power electrical appliances can also be very good, bringing convenience to students and friends in study and life. Let’s introduce several low-power small appliances suitable for use in student dormitories.

Delmar DX115C handheld vacuum cleaner

It’s been a long time since you left the dormitory, and many places may be covered with dust and garbage, so it’s better to clean up your house while school has just started! Delmar DX115C handheld vacuum cleaner, black gold appearance design, black with gold, low-key and attractive, fashionable and versatile; Handheld/pusher dual-use is convenient and fast, flexible cleaning, can cope with all kinds of corners in the dormitory, can sweep out a piece of the world anywhere, and does not let go of a single dust; Equipped with three brush heads for targeted cleaning: the floor brush easily pushes the steering vacuum, suitable for the bottom of the table, the flat mouth suction is suitable for nooks, dead corners, bookcases, the round bristle brush is suitable for curtains, mattresses, clothes, and the brush head can be easily replaced and ready for battle; Dust cleaning sponge, HEPA filter, 1.2L dust cup triple filtration, to create a dust-free environment; The filter screen can be washed and recycled; Pure copper motor, tens of thousands of speeds per minute, provides long-lasting suction power for dust suction, so that dust can not hide.

Midea GAD18MA desktop small fan

Although autumn has already begun, the temperature is still hot, and the dormitory is not necessarily equipped with air conditioning, so a low-power small electric fan is more suitable. Midea GAD18MA desktop small fan, pure color simple style, fresh and natural, placed in the dormitory without obtrusiveness; The wind is natural, 365 days a year of use, anytime and anywhere to make the air around you live; Three kinds of circulating wind to choose from, the first gear is gentle and natural, the second gear is cool and comfortable, the third gear is cool and refreshing, simple and practical, from gentle to strong, each gear is defined by you; Running sound hell normal conversation volume, like the whisper of a person, or like the sound of the breeze blowing through the leaves; Up to 6 meters air supply distance, anti-parabolic turbine blades, high-speed rotation propulsion airflow, Archimedes spiral acceleration air duct, forming a concentrated vortex wind beam, to achieve far-distance pushing; The product is small, preventing the corner from occupying no land, girls can leave with one hand, easy to move, storage worry-free.

Rongshida RSD-859 electric kettle

Being in the dormitory, sometimes you want to make tea, sometimes you want to make noodles, many times you need hot water, and it is convenient to have an electric kettle. RSD-859 electric kettle, 0.6L small size, easy to carry and suitable for all kinds of luggage, 800W small power, safer to use in dormitories; The peach blossom pink color pot body instantly stirs the girl’s heart and makes life a little pink; The parts in contact with water are made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, which is away from heavy metal hazards; Thermal insulation design, thickened hollow heat insulation layer, slow down internal heat loss, good insulation effect, the outer layer is made of high-temperature resistant PP material, which can be insulated and prevent burns caused by accidental touch; Passed the national compulsory 3C product certification to ensure product quality and safety, can be used with confidence; Concentrated energy heating chassis, 4-5 minutes can boil a pot of water; 800W small power, school dormitory boiling water is not afraid; High-quality thermostat, self-induced steam, anti-dry burning, visual indicator, boiling water status at a glance.

Kangfu KF-3040 hair dryer

After bathing or washing your hair, blow dry your hair quickly to protect your hair, and hair dryers are indispensable. Kangfu KF-3040 hair dryer, foldable storage, fashionable portable carry-on belt, small power 500W, no need to worry about tripping; Fight for the strength of the cute instrument and open the road of charm transformation; 2 temperature options are optional, when the wind blows, close your eyes and let the happiness last a little longer; The inner core is powerful, the heating speed is fast, the temperature is relatively stable, and the damage to the hair is reduced; Fashionable appearance, integrated folding design, easy to carry during the period, but also fashionable; Mini nozzle, which can blow messy hair, period more fit or fluffy; When you fall in love, you can’t put it down, love the neck feathers, and bloom gracefully; Mini to carry around, beautiful hairstyle to shape yourself; Diamond quality, after-sales guarantee, return and exchange and free repair services.

Little Bear DRG-C123 mini electric cooker

Study life is busy, and sometimes I have to eat a late-night snack. Little bear DRG-C123 mini electric pot, with a capacity of 1.2L, just equal to the amount of one meal; split pot body design, the product is a stainless steel pot body, with a hand-grip handle, you can easily bring the pot to the table to eat; the small body is easy to store, the base can be placed in the pot body, can be hidden everywhere; the upper layer can be steamed, the lower layer can be boiled, with one time, enjoy two delicacies; steaming, shabu, boiling, proficient, own hot meals, more balanced nutrition, refuse greasy takeaway; Uniform heating chassis, uniform cooking, no sandwich and no burnt; The knob regulates the fire, the size of the fire is easily adjusted, the small fire is 300 watts, the power is small, the dormitory is not easy to trip, the large fire is 600 watts, the power is large, and the food is cooked faster; 304 stainless steel pot body + steamer, strong and durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, easy to clean, one flush and clean.

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