Attention parents! Don’t buy these children’s swimsuits! Involving Decathlon, Li Ning, Disney…

In the hot summer, taking the kids for a swim has become a popular activity to cool off, and swimwear is naturally essential. As clothes that are worn intimately and will be immersed in pools or seawater for a long time, swimsuits have higher quality requirements. So, is the quality of the swimsuit worn by children reliable?

On August 11, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou Consumer Protection Commission that the committee released the results of the comparative test of children’s swimwear, and 81.8% of the sampled brand children’s swimwear did not meet the standards, including various big-name swimwear.

More than eighty percent of children’s swimsuits were unqualified

The staff of Hangzhou Consumer Protection Commission said that the comparative test of swimwear products includes testing items in addition to the items required by the national mandatory standards

Product instructions, fiber content, color fastness to seawater, color fastness to chlorinated water (swimming pool water), light fastness and tensile elastic elongation, etc

Clearly indicate the items required for assessment in the product standards.

“We sampled 11 batches of children’s swimwear from four physical stores and four e-commerce platforms in Hangzhou.” The staff member said that the swimsuits bought were also called “big names” by parents, such as:

Decathlon, Disney, Li Ning and other well-known domestic brands.

However, the result is:

Of the 11 batches of children’s swimwear, 9 batches of samples did not meet the standards, accounting for 81.8%.

There are 4 non-compliance standards involved, namely product instructions, fiber content, light fastness and tensile elastic elongation.

Table 1 Statistics on items that do not meet the standards of swimwear products

△Image source: Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration

“Big names” such as Li Ning, Disney, and Decathlon are also unqualified

Li Ning brand swimwear involves two issues, such as the product instructions do not meet the standard and the tensile strength does not meet the standard. Disney children’s swimwear and Decathlon knitted swimwear do not meet the tensile strength standards.

Table 2 Tensile strength

Does not meet the standards


In this test,

The tensile elastic elongation project is the hardest hit area for non-standard projects

, the non-compliance rate accounted for 72.7% of the total number of tests. The reporter learned from professionals that tensile elastic elongation refers to the percentage of the length of swimsuit fabric elongation relative to the original length under the specified load, “tensile elastic elongation can reflect the advantages and disadvantages of swimwear fabrics, and is one of the important indicators for testing the quality of swimsuit products.” The person said,

The stretch elastic elongation is not up to standard, which can easily cause local rupture in the wear, resulting in the risk of “walking away”.

It is reported that for these suspected unqualified products, the Hangzhou Municipal Consumer Protection Commission will transfer them to the local administrative law enforcement department for further random inspection, and the sampling will be investigated and dealt with according to law.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a children’s swimsuit?

So, how do consumers choose swimsuits? The staff of Hangzhou Consumer Protection Commission put forward the following points for us:

(1) When buying swimwear, you need to try it on, not too tightly

Considering that the gravity of water will pull on swimsuits, so in general, the purchase of swimwear is a little tighter than normal clothes, but not the tighter the better, too tight swimwear will produce a sense of pressure on the human body, causing limb strangulation, and even causing poor blood flow, affecting normal exercise.

When trying on, you can move your body appropriately, with the principle of being slightly tighter, comfortable and comfortable to move.

(2) Children are recommended to choose split swimwear

“It is best to avoid styles with more splices and choose products with dense seams and straight and round, otherwise excessive movement will easily cause the splices to open and the risk of “walking out”. The staff said,

Children are advised to opt for split swimwear

, easy to put on and take off.

(3) It is recommended to choose a swimsuit with a lining

Finally, because swimwear is worn closely, it is recommended for people with skin allergies

Silk-covered cotton swimwear, the inner layer of pure cotton material, no irritation to the skin.

“The swimsuit crotch should have a lining, and the swimsuit with the lining will last longer.” In addition, the staff said, it is better to choose

Swimwear that contrasts greatly with the color of the water

, in case of danger, easy to find and rescue.

△Image source: Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration

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