Keep warm and breathable! Marmot Man Polartec Classic 200wt Fleece J83480

Groundhog Male Polartec Classic 200wt fleece jacket has good warmth, light weight, fast drying and breathability, so that it can maintain our body comfort under strenuous activity, comfortable and durable, effectively prevent pilling, feel soft and easy to care for. At present, Amazon sells 1299 yuan, receive page sports and car self-operated supplies to place an order after 5% off the price of the discount code, pay 6459.5 yuan for free shipping, three-color optional.

Marmot marmot is known for professional design, all-weather functionality, Marmot is committed to creating your lifelong emotional bond, strive to create a world of you and nature, in 1975, Marmot became the first outdoor brand to cooperate with GORE-TEX company, Marmot’s reputation for free technology includes MEMBRAIN, STRATA, PRECIP, DRCLIME, etc., Marmot’s down products are well-known in the industry. In the 8,000-meter class mass production of down products, Marmot is one of the few brands in the world.

Marmot Men Polartec Classic 200wt fleece jacket can be worn with a storm jacket also with Zippin in a three-in-one, windproof adjustable drawstring at the hem, hand warmer pocket with zipper and chest pocket with zipper, windproof placket behind the front middle zipper, flat lock seam construction, built-in zippered pocket for easy care.

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