Thinner than paper! Super outdoor sports waist bag, the first choice for running and fitness! Less than a cup of coffee money to take home

Seeing the weather getting hotter day by day,

Xiaobian’s fitness career has “suffered” another crisis.

Just running and sweating,

The belt pack on the waist is like a warm baby,

The hot editor is upset.

But everyone knows that when you go out to exercise mobile phones, home keys, headphones, and tissues are all must-take,

You really can’t do without a fanny pack.

The editor had a whim and wanted to go to a certain treasure to see if it was okay

Solve the stuffy problem

The fanny pack, preferably the super breathable kind.

After careful research and comparison, the editor finally found a summer exclusive model for himself and the majority of athletes——

Outdoor fitness sports fanny pack.

Original price: 99

Activity price: 32

After all, choose a sports waist bag for summer use, and wear it

No sense of burden


Invisible and breathable

is the best choice.

Reason for recommendation:

1. Belt exhaust hole design, breathable and not stuffy, a must-have item for summer sports.

2. Nylon Leica fabric, thickness is only 2.4mm,

Wear invisible, refreshing,

Waterproof and sweatproof.

3. There is only one weight of the car key, light and not pressing, and the capacity is still over.


Free adjustment of waist circumference,

No matter how you run and jump, it fits firmly around the waist


Hook and buckle design, alloy cable fastener design,

Cheap and durable.

Just look at the shape,

This belt bag is mainly light and thin,

When not packing, it is as thin as paper.

At first, the editor was worried that the belt position was breathable, but whether the bag would be stuffy or not, so I carefully studied its material.

The overall material of the waist bag adopts nylon lycra,

It’s a very refreshing material to the touch.

And its thickest part only


It is more breathable, cool and comfortable to wear than ordinary waist packs.

Light and thin sports belt pack, when worn

It’s OK to want to be invisible.

Wearing a fanny pack during sports is nothing more than to hold things.

Don’t think that this fanny pack is as thin as a piece of paper and can’t hold anything, actually

It’s super! Yes! Feign!

Exclusive places are reserved for mobile phones, water bottles, home keys, and car keys,

It basically meets the needs of most people when they go out to exercise.

Other than that

Sweating profusely is a condition that often occurs during exercise,

Outdoor running in summer will also encounter rain showers at any time, and the waist pack must have a good waterproof and sweatproof effect!

This waist bag adopts a polymer sponge waterproof layer,

High-quality waterproof fabric, sweat-absorbing, breathable, soft and skin-friendly

, Even if you sweat, you will not be disturbed by the fanny pack~!

This belt pack is adopted

Reflective strip design

Whether it is a morning run or a night run, it is safer!

Unique headphone hole reserved, if you like to listen to songs with wired headphones during running, that this fanny pack reserves the headphone hole for you, let you

Exercise is easier to listen to songs.

Athletes who have bought it, have given it

Acclaim! Quality guaranteed!

Outdoor fitness sports fanny pack.

Original price: 99

Activity price: 32

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