I have all the watches you like – the Swiss Treasure collection

Today, with the continuous development of material life, the watch is no longer a simple tool for timekeeping. Now it is more about the key to everyday wear and a symbol of status. For women, a watch that suits them is an important prop to enhance their temperament. Different scenes often have different requirements for watches, exquisite and generous business occasions, dignified and elegant banquets, youth and liveliness of daily wear, from the Swiss fashion women’s watch brand – Baojue series can meet you!

Sophisticated for business occasions – the Precious Diamond collection

Inspired by the storylines and meanings of famous fairy tales, the Swiss jewelers have created the Diamond Women’s Jewellery Watch, in which Swiss jewelers hand-set natural diamonds extract world-famous fairy tales and present them on the surface. The splendor of diamonds shines through every woman’s sincere love of beauty. Business occasions make you generous!

The dignified elegance of the banquet – the Grand Prische Around the World Series

The Around the World series extracts the essence of the story of “Around the World in 80 Days”, which puts the magnificence of each country into the table, the clouds of natural mother-of-pearl, the rose gold landmarks set off by natural gemstones, and the natural diamonds surround a very charming picture. A collection of high-quality natural jewelry from all over the world to bring out your love of travel. No matter where you go, the Around the World watch will be the compass that guides you towards happiness. It is also the most dazzling presence at the banquet.

The daily life of a young and elegant girl – the Swiss Treasure Secret Garden series

The Secret Garden collection selects the beautiful moments of the four seasons and hand-carves exquisite pictures, and the micro-set colored stones and diamonds enhance the style of the dial. The selection of pure natural materials expresses reverence for nature, reflecting every brilliance is a sincere emotional outpouring. The dexterous moonlight box can be freely changed to perfectly suit your different styles, and the box is undoubtedly the most beautiful moment of each season. The lively and cute style also satisfies your daily girly heart.

BIJOUMONTRE is a table by Mr. Willi Saladin and Mr. Volker Fink, two famous Swiss international watch masters jointly founded in 2004, originated from the combination of romantic French bijou (jewelry) and montre (watch), once it was launched, it has won the favor and love of women, if you like watches, don’t miss it.

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