Song Zuer’s lace-up doll shoes, cute first place

It’s spring, and it’s time to wear cute Mary Jane shoes again

This kind of small leather shoes can be said to be a classic model that is not out of style all year round, easy to wear, versatile, and has its own elegant, literary and fashionable tone, which has captured the hearts of many fashionable icons, who can not love !!!

Zi Feng’s sister’s photograph has its existence, Zu’er’s cute daily life is also indispensable to its company, Jiang Zhenyu can wear it can be both handsome and cute…

Mary Jane shoes are already a “cliché”, but as a cute responsibility, fashionable icons say that this year’s fashion model is no longer as well-behaved as it once was. For example, this season, they all come out in time to bring Mary Jane shoes with this block heel + square toe design.

The point is that all of them are not expensive, and you can buy them on the street!

lost in echo

Recently, the pair of Mary Jane shoes that Jin Chen has continuously put on is from the domestic brand Lost in Echo. Founded in 2018, this niche designer brand uses the comfort of stepping on the sofa as a design criterion to design shoes with a sense of structure and practicality.

Among them, the much-loved Mary Jane shoes are designed with sports buckle straps and a square toe, adding a casual element to the whole. In the use of color, the combination of black and white strong contrast can be said to be the most error-free shoe color system.

Jin Chen used it with a small skirt, no matter how you look at it, it is a sweet and cool wind.


The SHUSHU/TONG Mary Jane shoes brought by Zuer’s sister have a design with a thick sole, block heel, and thin ties, and every place is full of retro girly heart.

In addition, this season, SHUSHU/TONG also collaborated with shoe and bag brand Charles & Keith to launch the “One Rose” limited collection.

Inspired by roses that symbolize beauty and fragility, the collection has created a snap to buy all over the network.

The Mary Jane shoes in the collection are decorated with small rose elements on the sides, which is delicate and attractive. COCO started with a red style, quietly tell you, very white feet!



CHOCO CONCERT is a domestic designer brand, and the avant-garde sense of movement is a major feature of the brand. Including leather shoes, lace-up shoes are sporty at the heel position, increasing height while taking into account practicality and personality, and the price is also moderate, which can be said to be the king of cost performance.

Their Mary Jane shoes have a simple design, but the square toe and wide brimble reveal a hint of rebellion. The most ingenious place is in the heel position, the common block heel plus the “packaging” of sneakers, which enriches the sense of design.

Simple white, silver, black are cooler options.

Mary Jane shoes + preppy style

Short skirt + Mary Jane shoes with a blazer to create a preppy style that is not tired of wearing, it neutralizes the sweetness of the short skirt and adds a handsome and free spirit. The appearance of white pile socks makes the whole look look more lively, which is a must-try dressing method this early spring.

Mary Jane shoes + Miss Qianjin style

No matter how fluttery the dress material or color, a pair of platform Mary Jane shoes can always make the fairy dress flamboyant and full of personality.

The cropped A-line skirt is the essence of the “Miss Gold” style, and you can also create the current favored French style through check elements + tight knitted short tops, elegant and comfortable.

Mary Jane shoes + unisex style

Don’t look at Mary Jane shoes look cute, but it also goes with a neutral style. You can’t go wrong with classic black trousers, and try to choose a loose fit as much as possible. It also matches with jeans, revealing white socks, full of British retro style.

Mary Jane shoes + socks

Although spring has arrived, the temperature difference between day and night in the north is still very large. Wellness fashionistas are very popular ways to keep warm – match a pair of socks, whether black or white, or find a pair of brightly colored socks, spell a contrasting color, very prominent.

Did this season’s Mary Jane shoes subvert your traditional impression of it? The increase in height and attitude coexist, it is worthy of the beautiful shoes that girls who catch horses are wearing now!

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