2122 words! A complete Double 11 blockbuster guide

In this guide you will see:

1- What are the activities of this year’s Singles’ Day?

2- How does the event work?

3- What are the absolute blockbusters this year?

4- List of popular models for different groups of people.

(All recommended products are absolute hits, and participate in Double 11 activities)

1. What are the activities of this year’s Singles’ Day?

1. Meow shop and building challenge (this is a game, pay attention, a little more entertainment)

2. Super Red Packet (Red Packet that can be stacked for payment)

3. Wishlist (inviting friends can help haggle)

4. Pre-sale of large coupons (large discount on deposit)

2. How to participate in the event?

1. Super Red Packet:

Super red packet entrance

Super red envelope is a cash red envelope distributed by Ali, the biggest advantage is the superimposed payment, and it is the only activity that depends on luck.

Super red envelopes are accessed three times a day, the first time is cash and the last two are shopping allowances. (Shopping allowance can also be used for Huabei payment)


(Copy and open Taobao is the entrance, you can get it every day)

The official data given is

October 21st, October 28th, November 1st, November 4th, November 7th, and Double 11

The bonus is doubled, it is best recommended to claim it every day and it does not take time.

My friend gave me a screenshot, this is luck~

2. Wish list


(Copy to open Taobao is the entrance)

Wishlist is a kind of activity to help haggling, if you have many friends, it is recommended to participate, a very real price reduction, and,

It is also possible to overlay payments using super red packets

Add cart items to your wishlist at the mark, and then find friends to help you bargain.

3. Pre-sale ticket venue

This is an important event this year, and the pre-sale is really good.

At the same time, it should also be noted that this year’s pre-sale payment is a “deposit” rather than a “deposit” and cannot be refunded.

Therefore, please pay the deposit carefully and firmly.

Costume venue: $AbAPYJ 4vjBE$

Mobile phone and home appliance venue: $tjtLYJ 4E0WM$

Skincare Venue: $ogvGYJ 4EZfa$

Tmall Supermarket Venue: $2EyCYJ4FkgP$

Aesthetic Venue: $E 63cYshffpr$

(The medical beauty venue is acne, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, slimming of the face, etc.)

The discount of pre-sale is the largest, and it is also the direction of Alibaba’s operation, if you do not participate in the event and buy something directly on the day of Double 11, in fact, it is equivalent to not participating in Double 11.

3. What are the recommended popular products?

This will be a bit much, please choose the one that suits you.


Explosive set

WHOOP post-weather dan gift box

Address: $kvOQYsACioy$

This set has always sold well and has been very good to use.

Although there are still ten days to arrive on Double 11, this one has already been pre-sold for 140,000 pieces, and it may have been out of stock before it reached the same day.

Lancôme Powder Water Cleansing Toner Gift Box

Address: $ZVOMYHa 0bK0$

Buyer evaluation: moisturizing absorption is perfect, watery every day.

This one is even crazier, 410,000 sets have been booked today, and it will definitely be out of stock by the same day, if you need to stock up on the sisters. Be sure to pay attention.

Skinny Caviar Moisturizing and Hydrating Set

Address: $CLJ 0YHa2htO$

Monthly sales of 100,000+ Double 11 booked the top five, because the sales have always been high, the effect is not to say, the price of this Double 11 is also very cost-effective.

Explosive mask

Silka Mechanical Mask (Repair, Remove, Lighten Acne Scars)

Address: $e 888YHafopo$

This monthly sale is 30,000+, the price is 148, the carnival price is 106, and the price after the Double 11 coupon is 91. Please be aware of buyers with skin problems.

Little Red Needle Blood Orange Mask (First aid moisturizing shrinks pores )

Address: $OyyVYHahCM 8$

This can be said to be a super explosive model, with a monthly sales of 700,000+ usually sold 119, the price of Double 11 is 49, please pay attention to friends who usually wear masks.

Moisturizing in winter

L’Oréal Zero Point Cream (Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Moisturizing )

Address: $J 2hoYHajTo9$

This is a high-scoring product that has always been very good to use, please pay attention to girls who lack winter moisturizing.

Clothing category

Men’s explosive down jacket

The main consideration for boys should be the price, so all I picked up are very cost-effective recommendations~

Men’s Down Jacket – Jeep Shield 2019 Winter New Style


At the price of 1208, Double 11 carnival price 628 coupons, the price is 578, the sales are not high, the style is very good.

Men’s Down Jacket – Mark Warfield Down Jacket


In the price of 1995, Double 11 carnival price 1038, to the hand price of 638 or less, this recommendation!

Men’s Down Jacket – Mark Warfield Big Fur Collar Down Jacket 2019 Winter New Style


At the price of 2095 Carnival price 1078 to hand price 468

Couple model – Tang Lion couple wear down jacket


At the price of 599, the price of Double 11 coupons is 469, couples have to interact on Double 11, right?

Women’s explosive down jacket:

Women’s down jacket – Bosideng goose down down jacket


Gentle and convenient, suitable for outdoors, cool girl exclusive, at the price of 1899, Double 11 price 1289.

Women’s Down Jacket-Women’s Down Jacket-Airai 2019 Big Fur Collar Down Jacket


Physical store self-operated model, double eleven five discount, the style is very beautiful, recommended.

Women’s Down Jacket – Handu Clothing House 2019 Winter New Style

White princess model, fresh and bright, delicate girls recommended~ (The price is also unexpected~)

Men’s footwear

Li Ning casual shoes men’s shoes traceability series


This shoe is really good-looking, no wonder someone will stock so many shoes, smile bitterly ~

Pick-up shoes with extreme casual shoes


Although the price is beautiful, it is more suitable for indoor wear.

Low-top cargo shoes breathable Martin boots


Martin boots have always been a boy’s love, very atmospheric and comfortable, double eleven price 138.

Mullinson leather high-top Martin boots


This is a high-top Martin boots, which are of good quality and highly rated, and need to be considered by readers of Martin boots.

Explosive electrical category – refrigerators

Haier intelligent inverter double door refrigerator (secondary performance) at a price of 3499. The event price was a surprise.


Haier specialty store, intelligent control, secondary performance, Double 11 explosive goods.

Haier three-door dual-frequency conversion intelligent small household refrigerator (first-class performance), usually priced at 2499.


Haier specialty store, intelligent control, first-class performance, small household, Double 11 explosive goods.

Ripu 118 liter double door small refrigerator, usually priced at 388.


Small refrigerators, Double 11 explosive products, living alone If there is a lack of refrigerators, you can consider.

Midea BCD-230WTM(E) energy-saving small three-door refrigerator, usually priced in 1999.


Midea’s small household, Double 11 explosive goods.

Explosive electrical category – washing machines

Haier EG10014B39GU1 10kg Lanjing inverter drum household automatic washing machine, usually priced at 2699.


Haier automatic washing machine, Double 11 explosion.

Little Swan 10kg drum automatic intelligent inverter washing machine, usually priced at 2399.


Little Swan automatic washing machine, Double 11 explosion.

Xiaotian 10kg frequency conversion drum automatic washing and drying integrated washing machine, usually priced at 3999


Little swan automatic frequency conversion drying integrated machine, Double 11 explosion.

Lipstick category

Lancôme 196 Pure Velvet Matte Lipstick Lipstick, usually priced at 270.


Double 11 hit, booking more than 100,000+

Hua Xizi carved lipstick/micro carved lipstick women’s semi-matte positive red Rotten tomatoes, usually priced at 129.


Double 11 hit, Li Jiaqi the same model.

Colorkey Coraki velvet matte matte air lip gloss, usually priced at 69.


Affordable small lipstick, Double 11 coupon price 49.

Massage chair

Benbo automatic home space luxury cabin multi-functional elderly body massage chair, usually priced at 2398.


Double 11 is a hit, Double 11 price surprise.

Rongtai RT6039 massage chair home automatic space luxury capsule electric multifunctional full body massage sofa usually costs 12999.


Double 11 hit, pre-sale sale.

Rongtai RT5860 automatic multi-functional space massage cabin electric sofa chair, usually priced at 11900.


Double 11 on the list, pre-sale sale.

The explosive models of Tmall Double 11 are all clean, I wish you to buy your favorite baby.

See you next time.

Thank you.


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