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As one of the elements of leisure and entertainment, music has gradually become an indispensable part of life, especially for audiophiles, lossless music is worth spending a lot of energy and money to pursue. However, with the advent of the music streaming era, home audio and video HiFi can no longer fully meet the needs of today’s consumers, and most music fans are eager to obtain high-quality music experience more conveniently.

In such an environment, various mobile phone HiFi software has sprung up, including Sony’s Sony Select Hi-Res, the Haishell Music APP designed for lossless music, and the VIPER HiFi launched by Kugou Music. After personally experiencing the above three products, the author found that although they have their own characteristics and selling points, in terms of practicality and operation experience, VIPER HiFi is slightly superior. The author will compare these HiFi apps from multiple aspects to facilitate everyone to understand them more intuitively.

Value for money comparison: VIPER HiFi is more affordable than Sony’s Select Hi-Res

When it comes to Sony Music, no one will be unfamiliar with the world’s third-largest music record label. In 2018, Sony selected Hi-Res in China, and by mobilizing Hi-Res sound sources, it realized that they can enjoy high sound quality at any time, and successfully won the support of audiophiles and high-income people who have high requirements for music quality. However, the fee for Sony’s Select Hi-Res is always a threshold, ordinary members have to pay 88 yuan per month, and if you want to experience 360 live sound, full-resolution music library and Hi-Res music up to 96kHz/24bit specifications, you need to pay 138 yuan per month to activate the Plus membership. Although these privileges are quite tempting for professional audiophiles, for the general public who are accustomed to using ordinary music streaming software, they do not know much about HiFi music, and naturally it is impossible to invest several times the cost of general music apps in this regard, so Sony Select Hi-Res is still at the level of audiophile recognition for the time being, and cannot penetrate into a wider group.

(Sony’s select Hi-Res high fees restrict its own promotion)

Unlike Sony’s elite route, as the earliest and largest music streaming brand in China, Kugou Music has a mass base of more than 600 million users, and many of its pan-music entertainment services are designed to meet the needs of the public, and VIPER HiFi is no exception. One of the features of VIPER HiFi is the relatively close to the people’s charging standard, if you spend only 25 yuan per month for continuous monthly subscription, you can unlock the highest DSD specification songs and unlimited cloud collection function, and you can also get a free membership by clocking in and doing tasks, which can meet the listening needs of most non-professional users and general audiophiles. It can be seen that VIPER HiFi intends to reduce the cost of non-professional music fans to access high-fidelity music, hoping to attract more users to try it, which is obviously more cost-effective than Sony’s select Hi-Res.

(VIPER HiFi member interface, free benefits can be received after registering users)

Resource comparison: VIPER HiFi’s tens of millions of online music libraries are far better than seashell music

As one of the well-known brands in the audio hardware industry, Haibei Music brand is not only well-known for its products, but also well received by professional users in the field of HiFi APP. Haibei Music Player is a professional mobile phone HiFi software that can connect external USB hard DSD files, and supports lossless output of music files in more than ten audio formats, and the sound quality can be said to be one of the best in all players. However, compared with the powerful analysis and playback function, Haishell Music has a shortcoming that cannot be ignored, that is, it does not provide the function of searching songs online. In this era of “cloud walkman” where mobile phone music is turned on and picked at will, Haishell Music requires users to upload resources to the client to officially start experiencing HiFi music, and such cumbersome operations are difficult for many people to accept. In particular, HiFi music is relatively niche, and it is very difficult to find the right resources, which is likely to make this APP a decoration that occupies mobile phone space for nothing.

(The first time to enter Sea Shell Music, you need to transmit songs through WiFi, cloud disk, etc. to officially use)

Relatively speaking, one of the outstanding selling points of VIPER HiFi is the powerful online music library, which fits the user’s usage habits. VIPER HiFi not only supports local playback like Haishell Music, but also relies on the copyright giant Kugou Music, and it is reasonable that VIPER HiFi’s online music resources are sufficient. It is reported that the number of works in the library has reached 33 million, there are 21 million HiFi sound quality songs alone, and it also includes 500,000 Hi-Res sound quality works, not to mention the classical music and popular songs that we usually come into contact with, even the more unpopular folk music or anime game ost are basically included, which is a very intimate design for hands-on users like the author.

(VIPER HiFi music library is divided into seven major sections, with a wide range of categories)

Comprehensive evaluation: VIPER HiFi is currently the best one-stop HiFi solution in China

The emergence of mobile phone HiFi software undoubtedly provides a shortcut for the general public to contact lossless music. However, at present, most HiFi apps still focus on the needs of professional audiophiles, and they either charge high fees like Sony’s selected Hi-Res, or lack music resource support like Haibei Music, and have never effectively solved the problem of high entry cost and difficult operation for novice users.

As a comprehensive listening software, VIPER HiFi is a comprehensive listening software, from tens of millions of high-fidelity online audio sources to constantly updated playlists and magazines and other information, to USB exclusive source code output function, one-key cooker tool and combined with Kugou X1 high-resolution hoop iron headphones to achieve the “full HiFi” solution, these designs and details reflect that VIPER HiFi is indeed considered for music fans, hoping to make users enjoy HiFi music more conveniently by reducing the difficulty and selection cost of getting started. It can be said that VIPER HiFi is a one-stop APP for HiFi music beginners. If you want to experience HiFi for yourself, you can search for “VIPER HiFi” in the mobile app market or go directly to the https://www.kugou.com/hifi/ download to learn more.

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