Light pull switch

The light pull switch is an item in daily necessities that can be used to control all the electricity. The switch can be placed higher or lower to prevent electric shock, and switch control can be carried out using pull wires.

1. Electric light pull switch structure

The assembly of the switch can be carried out in three steps.

(1) The rotating copper fork is bent and installed on the plastic roller, and the elastic copper electrode is pressed on the copper fork to form the electrode structure on the front of the plastic roller. The copper fork rotates with the plastic roller, while the electrode is fixed, but always maintains good contact with the copper fork.

(2) Attach the iron sheet of the dial wheel to the back of the plastic roller and press the spring, that is, the structure of the back of the plastic roller. The roller iron sheet can rotate the plastic roller under the pull force of the pull wire, and the roller iron sheet can also be reset under the action of spring spring.

(3) Insert the iron shaft into the assembly hole, assemble all the parts on the front and back of the plastic roller into a whole, and then embed this whole into the plastic shell, and finally install the reed electrode (1) on the base of the plastic shell and fix the copper electrode with screws, and install the pull wire. That is, the cable pull switch is formed.

2. Electric lamp pull switch principle

When pulling the cable, the iron piece of the middle dial in the switch moves downward, and the plastic roller rotates 30° with the copper fork, and the electrode is in contact with the copper fork, and the power supply is transported to the electrode through the electrode and copper fork. At this time, it is equivalent to the switch S in the switch is connected, so add 220V voltage to the bulb H to make it energized and lit. When the cable is loosened, the bulb remains lit, but the dial iron sheet is reset under the spring force. When pulling the wire again, the iron plate of the dial wheel rotates the plastic roller with the copper fork by 30°, so that the copper fork leaves the electrode, which is equivalent to the S in the switch is disconnected, thereby cutting off the power supply of the bulb H and turning off the light. If you pull the cord again, the above process will be repeated, controlling the bulb to turn on or off.

3. Electric light cable pull switch wiring diagram

When wiring, two terminal posts, one connected to the live wire and one to the electric lamp can be.

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