On the way with the baby, those who bought it and did not regret it

As a new mother, I can’t help but buy and buy for my children, some are necessities, such as: clothes, diapers, but some are to satisfy their curiosity… Today I will share with you some things that I bought myself, I thought I would be blind, but they turned out to be unexpectedly useful.

NO 1. Strap scarf

I first came into contact with a harness six years ago, when my sister-in-law bought one, but she didn’t use it much.

Later, I saw the content about the scarf in “Sears Intimate Parenting”, the parenting method recommended by this book is to be as close to the child as possible, and I also agreed, considering that my son’s due date is May, and he can go out on his back in the fall, so I bought one.

The one I bought really didn’t go unused, from autumn until the spring of the following year. I also bought a fat down jacket that I can carry my child on my back and wrap it in, so that I am not afraid even if the temperature is lower. When the weather is nice, I take my children out for a walk, sometimes to parks and squares, sometimes to supermarkets and shops, sometimes to visit relatives and friends.

In fact, a harness can be used for a child of twenty-five pounds, but for mothers with average physique, it may be easy to get tired when carrying twenty pounds. At that time, I went out with my child on my back, and I had to rest for a while after more than 20 minutes, otherwise my back would hurt, so if I went out for a long time, it was best to let my father carry it. The service life of a strap scarf is still very long, and my second treasure can be used again.

I bought this one for ¥132 at the time, and now the same store only costs ¥87…

NO 2. Ear temperature gun

Originally, I didn’t want to buy an ear temperature gun, because I heard that it was inaccurate and the price was not cheap. But the child’s father once bought one on a business trip and used it.

Later, it was found that the ear temperature gun is still very good to use, especially when the child is hospitalized, every morning and afternoon to ask the child to take the temperature, and the child is not willing to use the old-fashioned thermometer, this time the ear temperature gun really saves us a lot of effort.

After two years of use, we also found that the ear temperature gun does have errors, so when the child has a fever, it is still necessary to use a thermometer to measure it, and the ear temperature gun has become a tool for frequent monitoring, so that you can grasp the change of body temperature.

My family bought this one in the mall for ¥249 in 2014, I really don’t understand why the child and his father have to buy it in the mall…

NO 3. Shampoo cap

When children are young, most of them are afraid to wash their hair, but they like to play with water. My family originally had a shampoo hat, which was given by the swimming pool, but my son didn’t like to use it very much, always said it was too tight, but another loose buckle was too big, and it would leak.

No way, I can only buy him another one, the new one also comes with earmuffs, the child brings the right size, from now on “mom no longer has to worry that I don’t like to wash my hair!” ”

The one I bought after buying it only costs ¥7.5.

NO 4. Anti-loss rope

We like to take our kids out and have been to places far and near. When I was relatively young, I was quite worry-free, and I could just hold it wherever I went. After the child is older, he begins to be unwilling to follow the command, pulling his legs and running, and is not willing to let the adult lead.

Once I saw this anti-lost rope on a group buying website and bought two, one for my son and nephew. To say that it is really rarely used in normal times, but I must bring it when I go far away.

Last year, I went to another city for the exam and stayed at least three days, so I took my son with me and stayed for a total of seven days. That time I took my children out to play really thanks to this rope, otherwise I might have bothered until my hair turned gray. But even if you put your eyes on the rope, keep your eyes on him, otherwise everything is possible.

This anti-loss rope is made of steel wire, and the side that is put on the child’s hand is a three-layer velcro, which is not easy to untie. After buying it, I told my son that wearing this would be heart-to-heart with his mother, and he would not be separated wherever he went, and he liked to bring it with him, and several times at the train station and airport he also offered to wear “heart to heart”.

This thing is now available at any price, I bought it in a group at that time for ¥68, and now the price of the same store is usually only ¥58………


This urinals really solved a big problem for me. My son was almost two years old at the time, but he didn’t want to pee standing up, and his father couldn’t correct him no matter how he demonstrated it himself. Later, I found out that my toilet was a bit high, and he struggled to urinate every time he stood up, and he would let urine flow out of the side, which easily stained his pants. And at that time, he loved to pee his pants, and he had to pee two a day, and we had some headaches.

Just at this time I saw this kind of children’s urinal, the Internet is more than 90 expensive, but I bought this only 19 pieces, but also very easy to use, the back of the suction cup sucked quite firmly, the last time to readjust the height was hard to take down, the result was crooked when I sucked it up again, my son said “this is also very good to use”, I didn’t care about it anymore, wait for the next time when I need to adjust the height again…

My son fell in love with the urinal the first day he bought it, not only knowing that he was going to pee when he had pee, but also pouring himself after peeing. Now he is actually able to get to the toilet, but when peeing, he still has to go to the little penguin.

By the way, I will introduce a small urinal necessary for home travel, which is especially suitable for self-driving, especially on the highway.

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