Xiaomi ecological chain “electric assist bicycle” review: aluminum alloy frame, 40km assisted riding

Sometimes it’s better to drive than to ride, I don’t know if everyone agrees with my view? Take the community where I live, as long as there are two vehicles in opposite directions entering and exiting the community at the same time, then there will be a “traffic jam”. In addition to easy congestion in the community, if you happen to travel when students go to and from school and office workers commute, the traffic jam is really indescribable, and a block can block several kilometers, so at this time, if you are cycling, you don’t have to worry about traffic jams.

Recently, Xiaomi launched a new product of “riding electric assist bicycle” on the official website, this bicycle can be used in addition to pedal riding, but also electric assist riding, for small partners who often face traffic jams, it may be an ideal commuting tool that can solve the inconvenience of travel. At present, I personally have also experienced this electric assist bike first, let’s give you a brief review, let’s take a look at what highlights this bike has.

Let’s start with the accessories and installation

Because of some irresistible problems, I skipped the outer packaging of the bicycle directly and did not show you specifically. Let’s go straight to the relevant factory accessories of the bicycle and the parts that need to be installed.

The Cycling Electric Assist Bike comes standard with a power adapter, a 5mm hexagonal Phillips screwdriver, a license plate holder and instructions, three-pack certificates, and product certificates.

The picture above shows the license plate holder and the screwdriver. Seeing the license plate holder, I believe that some friends will ask: Can this car be licensed? Yes, this new bicycle can be licensed, and the whole vehicle has passed the certification of the new national standard CCC, so you don’t have to worry about whether you can be on the card.

As for the parts that need to be installed, in fact, the whole vehicle is basically assembled when the electric assist bicycle leaves the factory, and the only places left for the user to install are the left and right pedals and handlebars.

And these two parts are also very simple to install, I didn’t even read the manual, I knew how to install, the whole installation is almost zero difficult.

Detailed explanation of the exterior design of the body

Next, I will give you a detailed explanation of the exterior design of the body.

The overall appearance of the Riding Ji electric assist bicycle is biased towards “minimalist style”, and the appearance looks good. In terms of frame design, an innovative multi-cavity integrated aluminum alloy frame is adopted, and CNC technology and less welding process are used to carve details, so that the whole vehicle not only has high appearance value, but also has a strong power output.

As for the size, the overall size of the electric assist bicycle is 1530*205*1040mm, the wheel diameter is 20 inches, and the weight is 18 kg, which I feel is not very light, so users who live on high floors have to consider carefully before starting. In addition, riding this bicycle can bear up to 100 kg, so if it is a relatively “strong” little partner, there is no need to worry about “crushing” the car.

The right grip of the ride-assist bike has an electric door handlebar, as well as a front wheel brake handlebar.

In addition to the rear wheel brake handle on the left grip, the control buttons of the whole vehicle are also designed on the left. Through the above real picture, we can see that there are four buttons, which are: the plus and minus button, the power switch and the horn button.

One place to complain about is that the riding electric assist bicycle is through the power switch to start the vehicle, which means that you don’t need any unlock to start it by pressing the switch directly, so anyone can open it directly, so it is not very safe, but considering that the one I reviewed belongs to the internal test, and the riding electric assist bicycle can be connected with the Mijia APP, I guess whether it will be updated to let it unlock the bike through the Mijia APP to ride normally.

The brakes of the electric assist bicycle use V-shaped brakes, and the brake stability is not bad.

There is a large-size light display in the middle of the handlebar, the advantage of this screen is that it will automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light, for example: because the light is bright during the day, the display screen must also be bright, otherwise it will not be clear; At night, because the light is dark, if the display is too bright, it will be dazzling, so the brightness will be automatically reduced at night.

The main content displayed on the display is: cycling speed, cycling gear, light status, remaining power, and charging status and other information.

Riding Ji electric assist bicycles have three riding modes: unassisted riding, assisted riding, and pure electric riding, while the display is represented by N, digital, and D gear. N gear is unassisted; The digital gear is a booster ride, and it is also divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear assist; And D gear is pure electric riding.

The charging port of the electric assist bicycle is located in front of the rear wheel, the battery type is lithium battery, the battery capacity is 5.2Ah, as for the charging speed, the official information is less than 4 hours. The brand of the battery, known through the product certificate, uses Scud batteries.

In addition, the welding process of riding the electric assist bicycle uses fish scale welding, and the welding part is indeed relatively small, I see only two places, so the design greatly improves the sense of unity of the whole vehicle, if the whole welding place is too much, do you think such a car looks good?

The headlights of the bicycle use high-brightness LED, and the headlights can be turned on by pressing and holding the “+” key or “-” button on the handlebar, and the lighting effect of the personal measured lights is good, in addition to the high brightness of the lighting, and the lighting range is also very wide.

Ride-assist bikes also have a tail warning light, which will be highlighted when braking is performed, alerting vehicles or pedestrians behind.

By the way, the bench of the riding record electric assist bicycle can be adjusted freely, and the riding note also intimately sets an altimeter on the seat tube clamp, which is convenient for the user to quickly adjust the bench to the appropriate height.

V-shaped brakes are shot in close detail at close range.

Real shot of front wheel details.

Real shot of rear wheel details.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with the appearance design of this bicycle, and the workmanship of the whole bike is also quite good, and I have not found any rough parts for the time being, such as: burrs in the body paint, rough welding, loose screws, etc.

Three cycling modes are designed to create a diverse riding experience

Let’s talk about the riding experience.

Personally, I have ridden several domestic electric bicycles before, and I feel a little soreness in my knees and lumbar spine after a long ride. But riding this bike didn’t give me this feeling, it was quite comfortable to ride, and there was no discomfort on my knees at all. At first I thought it was my psychological effect, but then I looked closely at the body, I found the answer, the few power-assisted bicycles I rode before, its beam is parallel to the ground and the height from the ground is relatively low, in order to accommodate the beam, so its handlebar direction, bench adjustment range and pedal size will be limited, so for people of different heights, some people will feel uncomfortable, riding for a long time thigh muscles and knees will feel more tired. The beam of the riding record electric assist bicycle and the ground are inclined at a certain angle, the direction of the handlebar is also inclined to the body and the adjustable range of the bench is relatively large, and after adjusting to the height that suits you, you will find that there is no pressure on the lumbar spine at all.

In addition, riding an electric assist bicycle is also more comfortable to “step on”, and there is a reaction when stepped lightly, and there is no problem that requires hard pedaling to move slowly compared to bicycles with the same wheel diameter.

And in terms of assisted riding experience, I have also said before, riding a record electric assist bicycle has a total of 3 gears of assisted riding, respectively 1 gear, 2 gear, 3 gear, this help riding is like someone pulling you to ride, each gear of the assist speed is different, especially the 3rd gear, the sense of assistance is particularly obvious, gently stepping on the pedal is like a divine help. By the way, under assisted riding, if the speed exceeds 25km/h, the assist will automatically turn off.

There is also a more interesting situation encountered during riding, because the national standard requires that when riding more than 15km/h, the body will emit a “prompt sound”, and this sound cannot be turned off.

What about pure electric riding battery life? Just try it and you’ll find out

In pure electric riding mode, how long can I run a ride-assist bike? I believe everyone is also interested in this question, right? So this part of the experience content, I will briefly test the battery life performance under pure electric riding.

Because the EV bike must be connected to a power source to charge to see the remaining battery displayed as a percentage, I can only connect the charger to take a picture of the battery before the test. From the image above, we can see that the battery before the test is 46%.

The test method I chose was: pure electric cycling 6km, cyclist weight 45 kg, ambient temperature of 13 degrees, passing traffic lights a total of 4. Through the cycling record function in the official “Ride APP”, we can see that this 6km ride used a total of 18 minutes, the average speed was 19.6km/h, and the maximum speed was 22.3km/h.

Cycling 6km consumes 20% of the total amount of electricity. In addition, when the remaining power of the bicycle is as low as 10%, the vehicle’s assist mode and pure electric mode will automatically turn off, that is, the power that can ride normally is only 90%, so it is estimated that 90% of the power can be about 27km of pure electric riding. Of course, this is just an estimate, the normal battery life is determined by the weight of the cyclist, the environment and other factors, but basically a pure electric cycling running of 20 to 25km under full power should not be a big problem, and this endurance performance, for an electric assist bicycle, is not bad, right? . In addition, the maximum speed of pure electric riding is 25km/h.

As for assisted riding, I personally have not tested it in detail, and the official said that if you use 2-speed power pedaling, the endurance can reach 40km.

In addition, I also found a small design detail, in the bottom area of the handlebar display position there is also a USB port, I personally guess this is used to charge the phone or to install the lights, of course, how to use this USB interface depends on you. By the way, the ride-up electric assist bicycle also supports connecting to the Mijia APP, through which you can check the riding speed, mileage and other information.


Well, let’s stop here for the evaluation experience of riding electric assist bicycles. In fact, I personally feel that riding this new bicycle is not only for daily commuting, like sometimes going out to ride, I feel that it is also quite suitable. So, what are the highlights and disadvantages of riding an electrically assisted bicycle? I personally summarized a little, the highlights are: 1. Comfortable riding, large adjustable range of benches; 2. Three riding modes, can be switched freely; 3. Integrated simple appearance design, high appearance; 4. For a power-assisted bicycle, the overall endurance performance is okay.

The deficiencies are: 1. You can start the vehicle through the power switch, and the safety is not very high; 2. There is no shock absorption device, and you can feel the bumps when you encounter speed bumps or uneven road surfaces; 3. The percentage of remaining power must be charged to see it, but this problem should be solved well, and subsequent updates can be done.

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