Wedge sandals that complement the fair complexion and exude an elegant femininity

Wedge sandals, set off the fair skin tone, exude elegant femininity, will not be tiring, fit the shape of the human foot, let you experience a different feeling. Simple and generous design, comfortable muffin base, whether it is work, travel, shopping, dating can be easily coped, Velcro put on and take off more convenient. It won’t wrestle, and the heightened model can wear the golden ratio.

Broken flower high heel sandals The 2.5cm waterproof platform will not be tiring even if it is a wedge height, and the style that fits the shape of the human foot allows you to experience a different feeling. It looks as beautiful as walking in the flowers, the fashionable style, simple and distinctive, bright silver, full of trendy taste, is a romantic fashion and art collision.

Crossover fishbill sandals add polka dot elements to make them look fresh and cute. Bohemian-inspired sandals are versatile and a must-have for shopping dates. The upper color is very beautiful, comfortable to wear, block heel sole, walking easily without tired feet, with a skirt to wear your beauty.

Leather Beef Tendon Wedge Platform Sandals These leather Beef Tendon Wedge Platform Sandals are bohemian and perfect for the cool breeze of summer. The wedge heel is not high, comfort and grace coexist, the straps are simple and generous, and the metal buckle is very eye-catching, it is a versatile model, and it sets off the fair skin tone, not bad.

Mouth shoes waterproof platform wedge sandals Mouth shoes waterproof platform wedge sandals, non-slip sole, stable and generous, will have a strong sense of comfort on the feet, do not grind the feet and do not squeeze the feet. Comfortable and breathable, refreshing sandal, the outside is also very fashionable, casual and versatile. Make the foot shape smaller. Fashionable and trendy, coexisting with comfort and sweetness.

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