The first popular set of 2022: denim suit! It’s a little different

Now the “lazy fashion” of wearing clothes in sets is very popular, eliminating the mind of matching and wearing them directly in one set.

We’ve covered knitwear, shirt sets, sportswear before, and today we’ll take a look at denim suits.

Demented Denim

The cowboy suit is nothing new, the goose lady wore it like this when she was a child, the most handsome boy in the class. Now, more than 20 years later, this style of wearing is still popular.

Blogger Leandra Medine Cohen uses a loose denim shirt as a jacket with straight-leg denim trousers.

Or wear a denim shirt underneath and a knitted cardigan or blazer over for the autumn and winter seasons.

Parisian blogger Camile Charriere opted for a very slim suit, with a shirt tucked into pants and a silk scarf tied over a ponytail, very French. Tips: The shirt buttons need to be unbuttoned two more to be romantic enough.

Or like Saint Lauren, put on a cape and cape, and the overall look immediately stands out.

There’s even denim lingerie, which is a little sexy.

Denim one-piece is the laziest way to wear a suit, with a pair of western boots, cargo girl, inside can also be paired with cashmere, knitted and other undershirts, winter can also ensure the temperature.

You can also add a little pop to the choice of tops or pants, such as the stitching that is now very popular.

It is also good to have some staggered colors up and down, shallow and dark at the top, elongating the leg visual effect.

In accessories, you can also add a lot of careful thoughts, such as sunglasses, silk scarves, and feel different immediately.

Or wear it with a belt, which Jane Birkin used to decorate with her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg when she wore denim to the Cannes red carpet.

Or a baseball cap that can make the look more handsome.

Of course, in addition to the familiar jacket, shirt, and jeans, there are many other options, such as vests, trench coats, and skirts.


Stars are wearing

celebrity style

Dakota Johnson recently went out in a full set of denim, with a denim top with cropped straight pants.

Top: Wrangler

Jeans: RE/DONE × Levi’s

Handbag: The Row

Loafers: Dr. Martens

This jacket has been worn for many years, often worn when going out for walks, and has been worn with sweatpants and canvas shoes.

South Korea’s idol-yeon previously recorded the show, wearing AlAlexander Wang’s ultra-short jacket, with a black vest inside, revealing beautiful abs, and the girl group style.

Top: AlAlexander Wang

Jeans: Alexander Wang

Gigi attended Fashion Week in September and wore an oversized vintage denim suit with signs of distress and white Converse canvas shoes.

Set: Alberta Ferretti

Supermodel Elsa Hosk recently appeared in a denim outfit, jacket and straight-leg pants, simple and simple.

Top/Jeans: Closed

Little pumpkin Behati Prinsloo went on vacation in December and wore DIOR vintage’s denim slip dress and saddle bag.

Slip dress/handbag: DIOR

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio wore a long-balled denim dress from Stella McCartney at the event.

Dress: Stella McCartney


These are trending

2022 trends

Printed and dyed denim

It has been very windy in recent years.

2022 Early Fall,


The introduction of a printed and dyed denim suit and the brand’s monogram is also covered, which is very unique.

Givenchy Pre-Fall 2022 collection

Louis Vuitton

Also combine printed and dyed denim and classic monogram in the early fall 2022 menswear, with some street feel in the fashion.

Louis Vuitton Men Pre-Autumn 2022 collection

In the joint collection between Versace and Fendi, a minimalist printed and dyed denim suit is launched, with underwear, trousers, trench coat, suit, and Donatella Versace and Kim Jones wore a set when they called the curtain call.

Marine Serre

The denim pieces in the Spring/Summer 2022 collection are dyed in distressed pink with a deconstructed form for a vintage vibe.

Marine Serre Spring/Summer 2022 collection

Stitched denim

With its unique temperament, it has also been loved by more and more netizens in the past one or two years.


For the spring/summer 2022 collection, dresses and irregular tops made with paneled denim cuts are used.


Split denim into Y2K’s millennial style, slip dress, bandana, tank top, low-rise jeans.


For the spring/summer 2022 collection, there is a patchwork denim trench coat, and Vittoria Ceretti is very handsome to wear.

Ambush launched a collection of recycled denim capsules in November 2021, upcycling the original denim to create a one-of-a-kind denim piece.


These can be bought

shopping list

Denim materials have also been used in more and more items in recent years.

Saint Laurent

Denim’s suit and suit-shaped jumpsuit were introduced in the Spring/Summer 2022 collection.


The last year or two has been popular, the previous doll-collar denim shirt has caused a pandemic among bloggers around the world, and in the early fall 2022 collection, a slim one has been launched

Cowboy vest

, wear it over knitwear to provide new matching ideas.


The denim vest was also introduced in the spring/summer 2022 collection, with a looser style with Tee that was worn from winter to summer.


American designer brand R13, which many little flowers love, has come up with a lot of new pieces and layering ideas for denim suits in its spring/summer 2022 collection.

R13 Spring/Summer 2022 collection


Another very popular brand

This season’s denim suits are all personal, with studs, graffiti and denim combined, a cool girl must-have.

We11done Spring/Summer 2022 collection


Levi’s recently co-branded with CLOT

Introducing the new “Year of the Tiger” collection, Levi’s signature denim style combines full of tiger stripes to convey the meaning of the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures under the lens of photographer Kenneth Cappello.


Because denim emits more waste water than other textiles during production, the chemical smell released is also a serious danger to the health of workers and residents along the border. In response to this problem, many brands have taken the initiative to assume corporate responsibility for environmental responsibility.

Denim brand DIESEL has ushered in a new era of sustainable fashion –

Made with eco-friendly organic fiber fabrics and innovative processes to reduce the use of water and chemicals

。 Even garment accessories, label tags, etc. use renewable materials and FSC-certified materials.

* Every DIESEL LIBRARY item comes with an “e-passport”. Customers can learn more about the production by scanning the QR code on the hangtag. THE DIESEL LIBRARY MARKS A MAJOR TRANSFORMATION OF THE FUTURE DIESEL DENIM COLLECTION.

Decorate your wardrobe this winter season with denim, after all, it’s the kind of investment in a classic piece that will last long and never go out of style!

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Printed and dyed denim

Stitched denim





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