Burgundy: A matching color that will never fade, just because she has a noble and beautiful temperament!

Because the figure is not good, worried that the wine red on the clothing will amplify the shortcomings of some parts of the body? It’s better to start by choosing the right wine red envelope, as for the effect of going out on the street, it depends entirely on your figure, sometimes it is very likely that like the picture above, the girl wears out of the stepmother style!

Pepe Jeans from ASOS classic washed denim jacket

Zara panel-clasped leather-encrusted short jumpsuit


RAG & BONE leather ankle boots

H&M silver lock bracelet

It is definitely the favorite choice of celebrities and ladies at major events. Looking at fashion activities, it is all black pressing. If you want to “stand out”, you need to choose accessories that are not obtrusive but also match the whole look. In addition to the basic burgundy belt, a burgundy top hat will not spoil the overall sense of harmony.

Zara zippered casual blazer

GIVENCHY knit, fabric dress

Jimmy Choo leather heels

H&M burgundy thin belt

ASOS polka dot pattern watch

Don’t have an idea for a high-waisted piece? But you have to know that the biggest gospel of high-waisted pants design is that it can cover your bulging lower abdomen, which is very retro celebrity. The burgundy choice of items also makes you look shy and mature to control.

Zara side bow crossover top

Zara high-waisted dress

AQUAZZURA cutout leather sandals

Zara set choker

ASOS printed beaded bracelet

The only point of the advanced goddess of purity is that the color of the clothes must adhere to the principle of being very “light”. Therefore, the choice of color for the feet is particularly critical. While the burgundy is close to the black leather pants on the lower body, it will not make the vegan makeup look “clear soup and water”! Don’t worry about your temperament being overwhelmed.

Zara back sheer linen casual blazer

UNIQLO black close-fitting vest

H&M faux leather trousers


Don’t think that wearing a sullen fluorescent color is a trendist. In contrast, the pairing of burgundy pieces is more testing of personal fashion index. Looking at the fashion icons on the big brand runways of today’s fashion week, they maintain the consistent principle of sullen elegance in their choice of favorite items, and they can’t wait for all fashionable items to be printed with their own name of the oversized logo!

What to choose for winter burgundy items, follow MSN fashion! Simple and neat shape with ready for street photography at any time, burgundy jacquard jacket, help you hold the OL aura in the workplace, and show a neat and elegant posture outside the workplace, in short, it tells you that women can’t drag their clothes out!

H&M burgundy jacquard woven coat

UNIQLO chicken heart collar fitted long-sleeved T-shirt

Pepe Jeans from ASOS boyfriend style slim fit zipper jeans

Stuart Weitzman suede shallow

ASOS leather lock clutch

Think that dressing up in black is a tough and neutral style? And others are likely to think of you as “Batman” black without focus! The sleek, slim jacket is paired with a loose sweatshirt, so that the upper body is so black that even the flat chest is drowned. As for the burgundy sweatshirt choice, it can make you dress up mature and pack high cold.


COS burgundy crewneck seven-quarter sleeve sweatshirt

Zara knee-cut leather leggings


Zara quilted decorative bowling ball

I always dislike that my intellectual temperament is not enough, and the basic suit jacket is easy to cover up the rambling and exude a “civil” temperament. The choice of burgundy trousers on the lower body will not deviate the entire matching aura to the embarrassing dilemma of the “spokesman of the urban-rural junction”.


Born Idol from ASOS English flag boyfriend T-shirt

Zara side strap trousers

Alice + Olivia black shallow heels about

ASOS gold horseshoe pendant bracelet

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