Insecurity? Will it leak? What is the real situation of the fourth generation of Enshi?

  After the epidemic, with the bold practice of Enshi developers, the fourth-generation house finally moved from the concept stage to the real scene, and the Runde Urban Forest Garden on Jinlong Avenue took the lead in rising and has entered the façade decoration stage.

  The construction of urban forest gardens can be said to subvert everyone’s perception of housing, each family has a split-level courtyard with a ceiling height of 6 meters, and the maximum area is 80 square meters, making urban life and returning to nature possible.

  For a time, the urban forest garden has also changed into a hot topic in the circle of social friends, as long as you pass by, you will check in and take photos, and even some people bring pets to the courtyard to experience the unique charm of this sky garden.

  However, many onlookers also questioned:

  This courtyard is so large, and there is a 60 cm thick mulch, is it strong in terms of load-bearing?

  Daily flower watering, heavy rain in summer, how to drain? Is there a risk of water leakage?

  How to solve the maintenance and irrigation of plants for planting flowers and plants, vegetables and fruits in the garden?

  With this series of questions, the editor came to the Runde Urban Forest Garden Project Department, interviewed the project engineer and relevant person in charge, and learned more about the construction process and project progress of the courtyard!

  ▎Is the oversized courtyard of the fourth-generation house solid?

  According to Wu Chief Engineer of Urban Forest Garden, the fourth generation of housing 2016 began to be built in Chengdu and has spread to many cities and regions across the country, the technology has been very mature, and there are patents (jointly developed by Xinjiang Tiandi Group and Tsinghua University Architectural Design Institute), especially in terms of safety, there is almost no need to worry.

  The courtyard construction adopts a sunken plate flip beam structure, and also adds an italic corbel support, and the static load can reach 1.2 tons per square meter, and the owner can safely decorate the courtyard with confidence.

  As the builder of the fourth-generation house, Hubei Kangsheng Times Construction Company went to Chongqing, Xiantao, Zhuzhou and other places at the beginning of construction, visited and learned the construction technology in depth, and innovated and optimized the construction technology of the courtyard in practice.

  ”The previous process of other urban projects used steel bar pre-embedding and then binding, but we improved the process by using long-length steel bars, forming them once, and the upper layer of the roof was constructed simultaneously in the construction of this layer of the bottom plate, and the firmness was further upgraded,” said Chief Engineer Wu.


How about the garden cultivation, drainage and waterproofing process?

  As mentioned earlier, the concrete board of the garden courtyard of the fourth generation house adopts the structure of the sunken plate flipping beam, the sunken board can be backfilled with nearly 60cm, and it is also possible to make an upward tree pool near the wall, and it is no problem to plant some low shrubs.

  Runde Urban Forest Garden uses Oriental Yuhong brand high-quality root-piercing waterproof membrane, which has long-term plant rhizome puncture resistance, strong adhesion, good stability, low temperature flexibility and good heat resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

  On top of the root-resistant puncture waterproof layer, there are three additional filter protection layers of high-density geotextile, water filter board and polyester non-woven filter layer. With the blessing of these black technologies, there is no problem in using them for decades.

  In terms of drainage, there are water holes in the internal beams of the courtyard, and each courtyard has two manholes and a lower drainage system, so that the drainage does not discharge sediment.

  It is worth mentioning that at the time of handing over the house, all the processes of the courtyard, including soil, plants, and turf, are uniformly done by the developer, and the owner only needs to upgrade the landscape according to his own needs.

How to solve the problem of garden flower planting and maintenance?

  It is understood that the garden courtyard of the fourth-generation housing will be planted with flowers and trees suitable for the growth of local climatic conditions, and the professional landscaping company will provide a suitable planting plan, and the property company will also formulate a corresponding yard care plan after handing over the house.

  The courtyard is close to the wall to make a tree pool, you can plant 3-5 meters of trees, fixed on the wall to prevent strong wind, other positions can be planted with low plants, and retain small lawns, into a garden + orchard + vegetable garden, so that the flowers and trees of the entire courtyard are staggered, ornamental and practical.

  In the maintenance and watering of flowers and trees, an automatic drip irrigation system is used, which is embedded under the overburden layer and can irrigate plant roots.

  After the house is delivered, the property service team from Dongyuan Renzhi will set up the corresponding “Gardener Vegetable Farming Department” to launch value-added services such as garden maintenance and garden management, and regularly take care of the garden according to the needs of the owner.

  ”Beautiful scenery of good days, who is happy to do the yard”, the new living form of the four generations of housing, ingenuity casts a comfortable sky courtyard, using the courtyard as a pen, giving green to the cement forest, helping residents to live comfortably.


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