Have you ever seen a real “zombie bride”? These wedding costumes will blow your mind!

Speaking of marriage, it is the dream of every girl, and how many girls are eager to see themselves in their wedding dresses. Cultural Tourism Sister will take you to see all kinds of weddings around the world today, guaranteed to let you feast your eyes!

The first thing to say is the traditional Japanese wedding. The traditional Japanese wedding ceremony was a Shinzen-style wedding ceremony that began in the Muromachi period in Japan, and was the most popular wedding ceremony in military attaché families at that time. In traditional Japanese weddings, both men and women wear white, just wondering why the bride wears such a high hat on her head.

Next wedding this time, the bride’s outfit is really scary! It’s a Bulgarian wedding. The makeup artist first applied a thick layer of white paint to the bride’s face, drew three red dots on both cheeks and eyebrows with lipstick, and then used various sequins to paste petals and green leaves on the face. Finally, the makeup artist wears these pink garlands and shiny red turbans on the bride’s head, and finally covers the bride’s face with a silver hijab. This is a zombie makeup unique to Bulgaria, which needs the husband to help the bride remove her makeup, which means that she hopes that her husband can be gentle and careful, and the beauty and ugliness are inseparable.

Next, cultural tourism brings you a British royal wedding. Every girl has a princess dream, maybe this wedding can satisfy your girlish heart. Crowns, crystal shoes, long trailing white dresses… Well, without further ado, go straight to the picture!

The grand finale wedding is definitely the most beautiful, yes, it is a traditional Chinese wedding. Golden feathers are embellished on the red gauze skirt, and the top is embroidered with dragon and phoenix Chengxiang to symbolize beauty, phoenix crown and drapery, red is the joy of marriage happiness. It’s really the most beautiful, but Chinese style!

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