No matter what French retro style you have, the cheongsam is a classic retro style that never goes out of style

Now retro style is prevalent, what British retro style, French retro style, but there is a style item that is incomparable to other styles, that is, the cheongsam in the Republic of China style.

The most popular era of the cheongsam was the Republic of China, and in 1929 it was also identified by the government of the Republic of China as one of the national dresses

Although the cheongsam is a daily item for rich wives and ladies, ordinary people’s homes have more or less one or two cheongsam. The cheongsam has the beauty of an oriental woman, can

Highlight the elegant, gentle and intellectual side of oriental women

。 The appropriate cut highlights the graceful curvy beauty of women.

Movie stars in the Republic of China period, the favorite is the cheongsam, the charm in the cheongsam, are interpreted in a thousand styles, such as the left Zhou Xuan, the thirties and forties are popular all over the country, this cheongsam dressed, with the curved and slender eyebrows, gentle and moving.

Ruan Lingyu’s cheongsam, even if it is placed now, is full of trend, with a large split and the matching degree of shoes and earrings is just right.

The women of the 1939 New York World Exposition delegation also wore cheongsam.

As the first lady of the Republic of China, Song Meiling is the best spokesperson for the cheongsam

, her whole life, basically accompanied by cheongsam, when studying abroad, she said to herself to wear her own country’s clothing cheongsam, it can be said that her love for qipao is innate.

The cheongsam has a static elegance and a dynamic sense of movement. The cheongsam changed the cumbersome of the Qing Dynasty and became simple and generous, coupled with the reform of the times, the cheongsam also represented a kind of fashion and liberation, which is no wonder that the cheongsam was so popular during the Republic of China.

The beauty of the cheongsam, no matter when you wear it, can be reflected, Zhang Ziyi’s dress in a cheongsam, holding a small fan, quiet and elegant, is really elegant, and Jia Jingwen’s cheongsam, deep purple color matching, born with an elegant style, plus low coiled hair, is it very much the charm of the Republic of China.

Remember Song Yi’s cheongsam dress in “The Pretender”, impressive, elegant posture, face shape is also particularly suitable for wearing cheongsam, Mo Yu likes this green cheongsam, the cuffs are particularly good-looking, especially girls with unicorn arms.

Tang Wei’s elegant cheongsam is very consistent with her own temperament, Han Xue herself is from Suzhou, and with a graceful figure, it is even easier to interpret the cheongsam.

Why is the cheongsam so beautiful, why in modern society, but few people wear it, the first very important reason is that the cheongsam is expensive, if you want to choose a good cheongsam, it is roughly thousands of pieces, and the other reason is that I don’t know how to choose a cheongsam.


How to choose a cheongsam

Cheongsam and flower case are very important, the above kind of melanzhuju element of the cheongsam, try not to choose, especially with the texture of silk, it looks not only high-grade, but also very cheap, giving people a sense of “welcome” and wood

And that’s the kind

It seems to be the kind of landscape painting pattern printed on it

, can not see the charm and temperament of landscape painting, the thick cheap wind, perfect reflection of the original cheongsam temperament.

The material of the cheongsam is generally recommended to choose matte materials of cotton and linen and silk, which are elegant and generous, and cotton and linen are comfortable and breathable

, and it’s also very textured.

In terms of patterns, you can be elegant or complicated

, plain is the green above just now, there are no pattern elements, but the texture is good, plus the cut is good, so it looks very temperamental. The elements of Meilan Zhuju are not that they cannot be used, but depend on what material they are, like this matte texture cheongsam, the use of these ancient rhyme elements, it is very advanced and temperamental.

And pay special attention to one point, although they are all the printing elements of Meilanzhuju,

Why a little high-end is a little cheap, the key is the workmanship

, like the kind of glossy design sense of cheongsam, as printed up, there is no texture, and this hand-embroidered design, very delicate, very detailed, so it looks very high-end and generous.

The beauty of the cheongsam, beauty lies in the details, a single buckle, there are a variety of designs,

Square buckle, butterfly buckle, pipa clasp, flat buckle, etc., you can choose according to your preference.

The collar plays a big role in the grooming of the neck and face

, cheongsam is generally divided into:

Water drop collar, high collar, low collar, phoenix collar, square collar, V-collar, standing collar

Wait, if you have a large face, you can choose a neckline such as a stand collar and a V-neck, which can lengthen your neck longitudinally and look more delicate.

Another very key element in choosing a cheongsam is the length of the cheongsam cuffs, which are generally divided into sleeveless, shaved shoulders, short sleeves, and long sleeves. Quartered sleeves, flared sleeves

Wait, if you are a woman with fat on the arm, then it is not recommended to choose a style such as sleeveless and shaved shoulders, and you should choose a style such as long sleeves, seven-point sleeves, and flared sleeves to cover the flesh, so that it will not appear that the arms are thick, of course, if you are a woman with slender arms, choose a variety of styles.

In addition, the length of the cheongsam, if it is short, it is generally a little above the knee, not too short

, too short will appear no texture, or even feel rustic, generally recommended over the knee, look at your height, if you are tall, to the calf is no problem, with high heels, elegant and dignified.

As for whether the cheongsam is split or not, it depends on the personal choice

, split design, will add a little charm, but the fork can not be opened too high, easy to walk out, walking is not convenient. A small split end, sexy and classical beauty.

In any case, the cheongsam is an important clothing for our Chinese women, highlighting the beauty of the East, indispensable to a cheongsam, in daily life, want to wear the cheongsam a little simpler, in the color, in fact, can be simpler, elegant and generous, now also a lot of improvements, daily life can be worn, travel to take photos, cheongsam is a concave sharp weapon, this summer, quickly prepare a cheongsam.

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