This winter will take you to a light start – Chinese Li Ninglan women’s rebound shock absorbing running shoes

2019 Li Ning “Lan” series running shoes on the market, after 2 years, in the spring of 2021, our “Lan” friends have released a new model. Runners who have been buying Arashi for 19 years should feel its wrapping and shock-absorbing experience. This time, the designer not only made a fashion design in appearance, but also made a great optimization in terms of performance, especially the lightness and rebound shock absorption integrated into high-tech, which is more able to meet the demanding requirements in terms of shoe color, weight, shock absorption and other aspects than the “Lan” friends in 2019. I consider myself a professional running shoe with win-win looks and performance. According to the past practice, let’s first talk about the Chinese elements and artistic design hidden in our “Lan” friends.

When I first received the shoes, I only found that the insole had the word “Arashi” printed in Chinese italics, and carefully found that there was the word “Arashi” printed on the tongue, heel, and sole. This gives people a sense of high-level mystery, the design of TPU on both sides of the shoelace is like flowing clouds, highlighting the Chinese landscape elements, and the high-end atmosphere of leafberry purple color reflects the broad origin of my Chinese culture, which is one of the reasons why Li Ning of Chinese elements can appear on the international stage.

Product name: Li Ninglan women’s rebound shock absorbing running shoes

Upper material: Textile

Sole material: rubber + EVA

Lining and inner pad: textile + PU

Color: leafberry purple


Price: 499 yuan (now 399 yuan on the official website)

Positioning: Women’s shock-absorbing running shoes

Focus: 1.0kg

Size: Size 37 ; Us 6.5

Item number: ARHQ064-6

1. Unpack


Since 2017 has participated in Li Ning’s annual running shoe evaluation, I personally think that Li Ning’s running shoes are relatively standard in size among all running shoes, do not worry about the shoes they bought online do not fit, like I am a typical “African foot”, the forefoot is wider, wearing shoes easy to squeeze the toe people are more suitable, Adinike’s words to see the style, ASICS will choose at least one size larger or one and a half sizes, small red shoes requirements are more stringent. The last design of Li Ning running shoes is wider, so there is no need to worry about choosing a size larger due to the width of the soles of the feet, and for the usual sneakers of size 37, the normal choice can be.

Appearance value

Let’s take a look, although the two pairs of running shoes are purple tones, but the color level, light and dark, strength are different. On the left is the 2019 “Lan” running shoes, “soft purple” is actually relatively brighter, bright yellow laces, rose red sole with greater contrast, the overall feeling is more active, more suitable for sports, fitness wear, the black Li Ning logo on both sides of the shoe body is particularly conspicuous. On the right side is the 2021 “Lan” friend, the overall color is two – purple, gray, the color of “leafberry purple” is lighter in comparison, weak gray also choose purple gray, black logo is also replaced by purple gray logo, color transition is natural, no sense of violation, daily commuting wear is no problem, do not worry about the embarrassment of mixing and matching, personally still prefer low-key style. This is the improvement of 2021 “Lan” friends in appearance design and color matching compared to 2019 “Lan”, which is more suitable for everyone’s needs on various occasions.

Upper design – fabric upper, breathe freely

Fabric upper, breathe freely. Softly wraps the foot. Run freely and without fear of constraints. The whole foot surface is an integrated design, the textile material is wrapped, the overall feeling is soft, in recent years, Li Ning running shoes design are designed with an integrated upper design, early running shoes are toes, instep, foot body are separated, and then stitched together, so running is often in the joint position is easy to grind foot pain, the upper will also have folds to appear old shoes, integrated knitting design is a good way to avoid this. In addition, there are many knitted holes around the upper, which increases breathability, and there will be no stuffiness after long distances. The instep laces and the Li Ning logo use three-dimensional and hot design, which not only has a simple and elegant appearance, but also fixes the limit of the displacement of the feet in the shoe, effectively improving the wrapping of the shoe body and helping you run out of the beautiful posture safely.

Second, the sole

Midsole – Light Foam technology blessing

Comfortable, cushioned, soft and lightweight. Inheriting the 2019 Li Ning “Lan” midsole LIGHT FOAM midsole, it performs quite well in terms of thickness and density. You can see it by the thickness of the heel and sole, and if you step on the heel a little harder, you can clearly feel the rebound. The resilience is good, which is unexpected, in 2019 Li Ning “Lan” running shoes my evaluation experience is the best cushioning performance in many Li Ning running shoes, 2021 “Lan” friends did not let me down, continue the cushioning effect at the same time, but also strengthen the performance of rebound, finally can understand the reason for the market positioning of this pair of running shoes – cushioning lightness. In professional running shoes, ASICS is the best among cushioned running shoes, and after running on the foot this time, there is a long-lost “feeling of stepping on”, and the 2021 “Arashi” rebound and shock absorption not only appear in the heel, but also from the “response” of the full sole. The reason is that the midsole uses “LIGHT FOAM” cushioning technology, which reduces the weight of the midsole and significantly improves the elasticity and durability of the bottom, which will really make you feel the surging feeling under your feet during running.

Outsole – Firm grip and non-slip

The grip and abrasion resistance of the 2019 “Arashi” are still good, but there will be slippage on the road surface with stagnant water. The new generation of 2021 “Arashi” optimizes this, the outsole material is rubber, and there are many bulges in the position of the soles and heels, and irregular lines are added to the bulges, which greatly increases the friction between the sole and the ground. This design is somewhat similar to the off-road vehicle tire design, so as to ensure safety in slippery, sandy, smooth ground, so that we can run and accelerate freely.

Regarding the performance of the 2021 “Arashi” running shoes, I will share with you through the road running test

1. Cushioning (9.5 points)

After running on the foot, there is a long-lost “feeling of stepping on”, rebound and shock absorption not only appear in the heel, but also from the “response” of the sole of the foot, landing to feel the softness under the sole, and the rebound of the sole, the lightness of the shoes makes me sometimes forget to wear running shoes, which can really be ignored. After 5 kilometers, the ankles and soles will not feel uncomfortable, as if every time the soles hit the ground, the shock of the ground is canceled out layer by layer. My pace is usually between 6 and 6 minutes and a half, and I think the shock absorption and rebound are very good.

2. Appearance (9.5 points)

Purple itself gives people elegance, the color of leafberry purple belongs to light purple, purple with gray, mysterious reveals nobility. The low-key logo color, and the overall shoe color transition is natural, there is no sense of violation, daily commuting wear is no problem, do not worry about the embarrassment of mixing and matching, I think as long as it is a light color of clothing matching is no problem.

3. Wrapping (9 points)

In 2021, Li Ning “Lan”, the front middle of the foot, the fit of the foot is very high, and the feet do not appear displacement in the shoes during exercise. Since the beginning of the Li Ningyun collection, running shoes have become more and more exquisite in terms of wrapping, especially for runners with wide feet like me, and I feel that the overall fit is particularly good. It is a good guarantee that in the fast running, the limit of the displacement of the feet in the shoes is effectively fixed to ensure comfort and provide sports protection.

4. Anti-slip (9 points)

Rubber outsole, dirt bike tire design. The upper grain of the sole protrudes to increase the friction of the sole in contact with the ground. Not only starting, acceleration, emergency stop situations, but also the grip and anti-slip performance are excellent. It’s good that it snowed a few days ago, and when I tested it on a slightly icy street, I felt that the slip resistance was very strong and it was not easy to slip.

5. Warmth (8 points)

The low-density and large sole control of the “LIGHT FOAM” cushioning material, as well as the ultra-thin upper design of the integrated weave, in addition to the many knitted holes around the upper, increase breathability, and do not cause stuffiness after long distances.

However, the weather in the north in January is minus ten degrees, because the air permeability is better, so it is average in terms of warmth. It is suitable for wearing when it is not too cold in winter, and can be worn when it is not too cold.


Advantages: 2021 Li Ning “Lan” running shoes are a shock-absorbing professional training shoe with high appearance.

Recommended runners: Especially suitable for long-distance runners with heavy weight

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