Korean version lace long-sleeved undershirt sexy fashion shows temperament

It’s little sexy season again, do you have sexy little lace? If not, then take a look at a few of the models introduced by the editor. A simple lace undershirt, some people wear a cute and casual feeling, some people show a fashionable, romantic and elegant temperament, some people show a gorgeous and beautiful, calm and capable neutral beauty…., which one do you belong to?

Korean version of lace long-sleeved undershirt

Style one

White lace lace-trimmed long-sleeved shirt, and a vest or suspender underneath, revealing one of your beautiful shoulders, can it give you a cute casual and sexy rhythm? If you happen to meet travel, it will be better, and you can also fight against Grandpa Sun Sun Sun Oh, isn’t it a little exciting?

Style two

Strong Hanbok with Chinese retro style, white theme with embroidered red roses as decoration, lotus leaf design cuffs, both fashionable and give people a luxury, calm and capable neutral beauty, very show your elegant temperament, wear a dark color step split tight skirt below, your perfect body instantly created.

Style three

Let’s take a look at this simple and generous top, with umbrella leaves all over the mesh lace, fashionable and exquisite and unsubtle, the design of the high neck achieves a ladylike effect, plus the lantern-shaped sleeves present a bit of girlish style, full of vitality and jumping, whether you are mature or lively and cute can be a good slave.

Style four

Loose lace leakage clothing is also a very popular style this year Oh, with a small white suspender, sexy and fashionable, deep V design, can make your sensual collarbone perfectly exposed, loose balloon sleeves wrap your Qianqian jade hands, sexy, elegant, original, whether white or fuchsia can meet your girlish heart.

Style five

If you want to make you more mature, you may wish to try this simple and sexy missed outfit, with a black suspender inside, giving people a looming intellectual beauty, loose sleeves add a bit of generous and elegant style, with a flared suit pants, so that you have the temperament of a fashionable professional woman, passion, eye-catching, sexy.

Style six

Pure white belongs to the idyllic temperament, steady and not lacking in vitality, lively and elegant, but also can achieve a capable professional style, lace cuffs are exquisite and subtle, with a small fresh girly feeling, whether you are a pure girl or an elegant lady can match such a simple white blouse well.

Style seven

Pink can capture the girl’s heart the most, the mesh lace of the flower design, the zipper matching looks a bit like a baseball uniform can be worn alone or as a small coat, fashionable and casual feeling, the outfit is also very simple, casually put on a short skirt or shorts can make you fresh and elegant, playful and bright girlishness.

Which of the above long-sleeved undershirts do you prefer? Collect it now!

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