This Internet of Things development board -Particle Mesh, fast speed, full configuration, cost-effective ..

Hello everyone, I am Xiaobian, Xiaofang, Today, let’s continue to talk about Dongdong related to the IoT.

这款物联网开发板—Particle Mesh,速度快、配置全、性价比高..

In recent years, the Internet of Things module, the chip development is very fast, everyone knows that the cost-effective ESP8266 (already widely applied to various IoT systems), and ESP32 (ESP8266 upgrade, faster speed, more resources And integrated Bluetooth and WiFi). Recently, Particle has also launched their Internet of Things development boards based on NRF52840 modules (integrated Bluetooth and WiFi).

The figure above is two typical Particle Mesh development boards. Everyone should have paid attention to their interface, and there is no resource in a DIP interface, mainly for the development of industrial products. Xiaobian feels that although this board is more professional because of the interface, our ordinary CNG is generally difficult to use it to do some DIY small production. But we discuss its development environment or it. Because of its development environment, it looks very friendly.

For professional software engineers, you can use traditional Visual Studio Code code code. VS CODE software does not have to be introduced, support breakpoint debugging.

这款物联网开发板—Particle Mesh,速度快、配置全、性价比高..

For small white, you can also get started quickly. Let’s take a look at its IoT Rules Engine visualization graphic compilation platform. Xiaobian found that when this platform is written, various sensors and nodes are connected in line.

In other words, as long as there is a person with a certain logical thinking, it is necessary to be a professional software engineer. This platform can be trial for free, the connection address is as follows:


这款物联网开发板—Particle Mesh,速度快、配置全、性价比高..

Xiaobian guess, since this particle is humanized as the programming interface, it should still be able to attract the public. We can pay attention to this company in the future, maybe it will launch the same board as the simple building blocks.

Finally, the small moon powder of the Particle Mesh development board, you can pay attention to the core pavement (xinzixun321), click on the menu bar for free!

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