These tights can also be worn at minus 10 degrees, not only to keep warm and show thin legs, but also to match skirts

I paid attention to several public accounts that specialized in persuading accessories, and it seems that I still buy Japanese and Korean leggings and tights.

One is that the Japanese sister paper has amazing combat effectiveness, either bare legs or socks, and it is still beautiful in winter, so Japan’s research on thermal socks is very powerful. Korean girls also love beauty, plus Korean latitude problems, the technology of warm socks is also good.

Second, cheap, the same D number, the same warm effect of socks, the price of Japan and South Korea to buy back is still more cost-effective than the domestic counter. Domestic leggings above 210D can not be bought for two or three hundred. The higher the D number, the warmer (ps: the D number is not the only indicator of warmth in leggings, it is also related to the material) For example, the D number of 210d, sub-zero will definitely not be able to wear.

Several brands in Japan

1. ATSUGI TIGHTS series heating thermal socks. (The most comfortable to wear, sub-zero temperature definitely can not be worn, his home is generally only 140d bar, occasionally higher, such as the picture.)

ATSUGI TIGHTS series thermal socks

2, Kanebo Kanabo heated thermal socks (common leggings brand of tights, but Japanese sister paper has amazing combat effectiveness, so it is similar to Atsugi)

3. GUNZE heating thermal socks (a little frost-resistant than thick wood)

4. Female desire (also the same, with pressure, dressed beautifully)

These tights can be found in a certain B, and the purchasing agent should find a reliable one, don’t expect to buy the original order. There are indeed original foreign trade orders, but the real original orders do not dare to be too rampant, a certain B is now strictly managed, and Japanese brands are no less strictly controlled in the original list than international luxury goods.

The brand is not hidden, the sales volume is large, the description matches less than 4.9, and the store in the three is decisively X bar.

Just bought socks in a more conscientious shopping store that sells leggings and tights, and his family also has original socks for sale. However, although the original order is marked, the dispenser is directly said that it is not sure whether it is true. The original order, because the quality of tights is good, sold by the way.

There is also a specialty socks that saw a pair of leggings 500g.

This weight should be able to carry minus ten degrees, but I didn’t say the brand, and I can buy it at this price.


Korean leggings and tights are more like autumn pants, all with plush. Because it contains pressure, it looks thin and will not be bloated.

However, South Korea is better than Japan in warmth and frost resistance, seemingly because Japan geothermal is doing better and South Korea has a higher latitude. South Korea’s leggings are thick enough to be seen as plush autumn pants, the higher the D number, the warmer, and the temperature that can withstand minus ten degrees is also close to 600d.

Search for the keywords “Korea” + “warmth” + “tights” / + “leggings” in a certain B, and the brand has no fixed recommendation.

A certain B Korean leggings, the water is also muddy. Unlike the flood of Japanese original orders, Korean leggings/compression socks brands are messy, pay attention to choosing brands.

It is recommended to pick a store with a description of 4.9 or more, a store that has been open for more than one year, and the praise rate has a picture and detailed follow-up evaluation.

If you don’t want to buy something online, it is recommended to buy it at a branded physical store that specializes in socks, which definitely sells clothes suitable for the local climate. For example


(It is more cost-effective to buy things physically than online, and many good things are not sold online)

(There is a kind of leggings with outer skin and inner fleece, this year’s popular Italian brand C at the beginning, it seems that there is a similar style, wind and frost resistance should be good)

One way is to superimpose it, first wearing a thinner one, then a thicker one. Wear thick wood on the inside and plush leggings or leather pants on the outside.

(I have seen a southerner who is extremely afraid of cold, when the lowest temperature is close to minus 10 degrees, wearing two layers of leggings with 500D of plush on the outside and 80D of fever on the inside, and also wearing plush over-the-knee boots with thick wool insoles, and she said she was going to sweat hot.) FYI)

Note: Before buying socks, remember to ask the temperature of the socks suitable for wearing, the temperature below zero must be at least 320d or more.

Leggings are warmer if the material contains wool, so it is recommended to buy wool-blended fabrics.

Japanese leggings are comfortable to wear and generally have the effect of heating and warmth, and it is recommended to wear Japanese leggings first.

Leggings in Japan and South Korea generally contain a pressure coefficient, and the wearing effect will not be bloated, which is one of the reasons why it is recommended to buy. Leggings and tights at domestic counters also have a certain pressure coefficient, but the price is slightly higher.

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