Do you really choose socks for your baby? It’s not that the thicker the better, regret knowing too late

The weather is cold, mothers are very concerned about the baby’s warmth problem, can’t wait to wrap the child tightly from head to toe for fear that the child will be frozen, down jackets, cotton gloves, plush pants and even socks should also be thickened, many parents may not know, the baby’s body is very different from adults, wearing thick socks is not only not suitable for the growth characteristics of the baby, but also may affect the baby’s growth and development, socks are not worn on the right and even harmful to the child’s body.

Before the editor saw a news report that a baby in Changsha City had just reached the full moon, and his parents found that his toes were swollen, black and festering, and he was quickly sent to the hospital. After the doctor’s examination, it was found that the culprit was an inconspicuous thread in the sock, judging from the degree of black and ulceration of the baby’s toes, it may have been entangled for more than ten hours, and the parents did not find it in time, and the more the child pedaled, the tighter the thread was wrapped.

After the operation, the doctor will treat your baby’s toes every hour. Only two months old, I have to bear this pain that I shouldn’t have, which is really distressing to watch, but fortunately the baby’s toes are saved in the end.

In fact, any thing that the baby uses needs to be careful, and the socks worn by the baby actually have many things to pay attention to, and mothers must carefully choose the baby.

What kinds of socks are not suitable for babies?

× shallow socks

Wearing shallow socks, when parents hold the baby, it is easy to rub off, and when the baby is playing, it is easy to take off the socks, and the shallow socks are not warm, it is easy to make the baby’s feet cold, easy to get sick.

× The socks are too tight

Because the baby is still young, there are no ankles, and the calves are short and thick, if the socks worn are too tight, it will strangle the flesh on the baby’s legs, very uncomfortable, it is recommended to buy slightly looser socks, but also convenient for parents to wear for the baby.

× The colors are too bright

Socks with too much color will add more chemical components, and some babies will gnaw their feet is very unsafe, so it is recommended to buy light-colored socks.

There are more × threads

When mothers buy socks for their babies, they must take a look, do not buy the kind of socks with many threads, it is easy to hook the baby, so before putting on new socks for the baby, you must also turn the socks over to take a look, minus the extra threads.

× one-piece socks

Especially for mothers with baby girls at home, in order to match the baby more beautifully, they will choose some jumpsuits , but in fact, the pancakes are not conducive to the blood circulation of the baby’s legs.

The triple sin of putting thick socks on a baby in winter

◆ Baby’s feet sweat a lot, thick socks aggravate sweaty feet

Little babies are born with little sweaty feet, because the little baby is in the period of vigorous physical growth and development, the basal metabolic rate is high, the baby’s feet are the densest place of sweat glands, the baby is lively and active, can not stop for a moment, after a long time of exercise foot sweat will be particularly much, even in winter, socks are often wet. Thick socks are not breathable, which will only make the foot sweat worse, the baby’s feet are very likely to get beriberi or foot infections, and if you do not sweat in time, you may also get frostbite. As long as it is not in an icy environment, a thin and moderate cotton sock is enough to meet the baby’s basic warmth needs.

◆Thick socks do not absorb sweat, and babies are more likely to catch colds when sweating

Wearing thick socks for the baby will aggravate the sweat of the feet, but it does not absorb sweat, it is easy to make the baby’s feet damp, a large amount of moisture will squeeze out the air in the socks, due to the lack of air This excellent heat insulation, socks will make the soles of the baby’s feet cool when wet, reflexively cause respiratory resistance to decline and suffer from colds. In addition, wearing thick socks for the baby will make the baby’s feet wrapped particularly tightly, and too tight shoes and socks will also affect the blood circulation of the baby’s feet, which is also the reason why the baby’s body is prone to illness.

◆ Thick socks change the baby’s walking posture and affect the baby’s leg shape

Small babies generally have no heels, wearing thick socks are easy to slide down, shift, the baby walks, the position of the heels slides to the center of the foot. Especially for babies who have just learned to walk, if the sole of the baby is uneven, it will affect the development of the baby’s arch, and it will also have a certain impact on the baby’s walking posture, and if the situation is serious, it is likely to affect the baby’s leg shape.

Do not put socks on your baby while sleeping

Remind all mothers not to wear socks for their babies when they go to bed at night, why?

◆Affects blood circulation

Wearing socks and gloves when sleeping is a good way to keep warm in winter, but this is not conducive to the blood circulation in the baby’s body, making the skin’s metabolism sluggish, and it is easy to make the baby’s skin particularly dry.

◆ Affect sleep quality

For small babies, sleeping needs a comfortable environment, wearing socks to sleep will bind the baby’s little feet, make the baby very uncomfortable, affect the quality of sleep.

How to pick socks

And precautions for putting socks on your baby?


Cotton socks are soft, breathable, sweat-absorbent, most suitable for babies to wear, baby’s socks should at least ensure that they contain more than 90% cotton.

※New socks cannot be worn directly

Many parents will wear the newly bought socks directly to the baby, which is also wrong, the newly bought socks should be turned over, cut off all the threads inside, to prevent the thread from wrapping around the toes to cause ischemia or even necrosis.

※Carefully check the inside of the sock

The junction of the toe part of the sock, that is, the sewing head, if the sewing head is not good, it is easy to wear chrome feet; The baby is very active, choose socks with good heel wrapping, and be very heeled and comfortable.

※Eliminate old socks in time

Small socks are also hidden in great danger, mothers must carefully check before buying socks in the future, if they find that the socks have lost their elasticity, the heels have become thinner, there are holes, and there are obvious strangulation marks on the feet, they must be eliminated in time.

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