Keiko Zheng has added a new look, a striped slip dress with a bow belt, sweet and stylish

Girls dressed in a sweet style will make the mood sweet at a glance, don’t worry about being too greasy, the original youth is so beautiful. Zheng Hehuizi creates a super sweet temperament with her super high appearance, and her image always reminds people of the sweet and quiet feeling of the first love goddess, in terms of dressing style, the pursuit of fashion, not pretentious. Often through simple dressing, giving people a very foreign visual effect, through her dress we can see the fresh and vulgar goddess image.

Vertical striped pink dress, fresh and cute

Pink always gives people a sweet and sweet feeling, very suitable for gentle and delicate girls, adding longitudinal stripes to balance the weak temperament, not only gentle but also personality, vertical striped clothes will appear thinner, forming a tall visual effect, is a more classic type.

The design of the neckline can reflect the goddess’s bold and free personality, such clothes can better set off the woman’s sexy shoulders and beautiful collarbones. If you simply wear a dress with a one-neck collar, it has the style of a dress. The design of adding two suspenders to the shoulders changes the bold color brought by the neckline, forming a sweet visual effect and adding to the taste of the little woman. Add lace to the shoulders to add a ladylike touch. When we usually buy clothes, we can also choose some designs with lace, which can better reflect the girl’s style.

A shorter skirt can reflect a woman’s capable style, and it is also a relatively clean and sharp type of clothing. The bandeau with a straight neck easily outlines the curves of the chest, is neither ostentatious nor conservative, and the decoration of the straps is added in the middle of the chest, which has a bold color. If you change the design of the strap to a small button type, it can reflect the quiet beauty of girls. This is a classic upper body shorter clothes, if designed into a wide-leg pants jumpsuit, is a very handsome and sexy type of dressing, made into a small skirt style can reflect the girl’s feminine color, the longer belt made into a bow style, is a very ladylike type, I believe that no little girl will refuse the cute bow, very able to reflect the style of the little woman, the shorter skirt in the vertical stripe background, reflecting the beauty of the leg line.

Stylish clothes

Personalized clothes can always be eye-catching in the crowd, very direct expression of the taste of the owner of the clothes, as a super temperament girl, wearing a personality of clothes can reflect unique clothing, will give people a bright visual effect.

The inner layer made of newspaper color is personalized and handsome. This type of underwear made into a newspaper requires a design that also adds individuality to the choice of outerwear. The serpentine short vest can better reflect her body characteristics, the design of the small collar is simple and smart, and the addition of a personalized pocket to the chest can reflect the three-dimensional of the chest. The high-waisted fit with the lower body of jeans forms a vision of upper and shorter and lower length, and with this simple type of jeans can also reflect the youthful and beautiful style of girls, and the sky blue jeans just neutralize the fancy of the upper body and balance just right.

An ordinary sweatshirt is simple and generous, which is a type of clothing that many girls will like, and it is a more beautiful style whether it is paired with straight pants or cropped pants on the lower body. If such clothes want to be sexy, you need to add a fashion element to the choice of outerwear. The white denim jacket is a more handsome type, and the design of adding raw edges and personalized pockets to the clothes reflects a fashionable taste.

The green background color and striped sports top have a full sports style, which is a fresh and vulgar feeling. Cropped jeans, using personalized tailoring on the legs, this kind of irregular tailoring, is a very foreign clothing type, in recent years is also very popular, hurry up to press the bottom of the long jeans also DAY it, maybe it will bring you a surprise, light trench coat, with this pure style of clothing refreshing and handsome.

Simple outfit with the demeanor of a little woman

A woman through a simple type of dressing will form a feeling of pity, and can also show the cuteness of the goddess of first love.

Green with pink, is a very eye-catching color matching, many people dare not try, think it will be very tacky, in fact, this contrast design as long as the purity of the color is reduced, will also be very harmonious, this super eye-catching tone, very personal, through the proportion of the match to form a visual playfulness. The loose sweater is both comfortable and foreign, and the design of the large collar is very foreign whether worn on the outside or as an inside, and it can play a more warm role in autumn and winter.

The sliding shoulders give the whole dress a free color, creating a visual unity with the loose cuffs. Pink wide-leg pants have more youthful vitality, such pants with a tight top, can reflect the color of youth. And the combination of green and pink pants she wears is a bolder dressing style.

The classic style of floral dresses can reflect the feminine and attractive side of little women. Such clothes are perfect for whether attending a date or staying at home. The sleeveless design is a very casual outfit. The belt with a bow at the waist can play the role of a girdle that reflects the slenderness of the figure, and the lace shape added to the skirt forms a perfect unity with this broken flower pattern, sweet and cute. This kind of pure floral dress is also an age-reducing clothing type, with casual straight hair or natural curly hair can reflect super high taste.

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