“Deck chair nap chair” Deck chair nap chair is good What are the types of deck chairs

Today’s office workers and student parties are particularly stressed in terms of work and study, and they naturally want to relax their bodies when they return home, so the deck chair nap chair slowly enters people’s lives. So, is deck chair nap chair good? What are the types of deck chairs?

Deck chair nap chair is good

The deck chair is ergonomically designed, easy to fold, and the chair and bed are dual-purpose. Deck chairs are lightweight, stackable seats that are easy to move around and save space. The seat panel and back panel are generally molded in the mold with virgin PP plastic; The chair frame and legs are sprayed with electrostatic silver powder square steel pipe, which is stronger and more durable than round steel pipe; Generally, the bottom of the chair frame, that is, the position in contact with the ground, will add foot pads to play a role in anti-slip and prevent scratching the floor. Widely used in all kinds of training institutions, schools at all levels, public places, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, companies, families and other places.

What are the types of deck chairs

1. Phosphating steel pipe folding chair

Phosphating steel pipe folding chair is the use of high-precision fine light seamless bright steel pipe finished pipe as raw material, phosphating liquid on the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe to form a black phosphating protective film, through the micropores in the phosphating film to absorb anti-rust oil for anti-rust treatment, phosphating steel pipe deck chair at both ends plugged dust plug dust. Corrosion protection is better than oxidation, especially as sun loungers or beach chairs.

2. Oxford cloth deck chair

A friend asked what is 700D Oxford cloth, in fact, it is 700d nylon silk woven together, where d is the international standard is to indicate the thickness of the tow and Oxford cloth is a variety of cloth, the general standard is 600D or 900D. Generally speaking, the Oxford cloth on the lounge chair is mostly woven with polyester and cotton blends and cotton yarn, and uses weft weight flat or square flat organization. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying, soft feeling, good moisture absorption, and comfortable wearing.

3. Carbonized bamboo deck chair

The carbonized bamboo deck chair bamboo is small in diameter, hollow in the wall book, and has a large sharpness, and its structural composition is very different from wood. The strength and density of bamboo recliners are higher than that of general wooden recliners, and the strength of bamboo products is greater than that of general wood products. When used as a structural material, bamboo products are smaller than wood products. Bamboo has a straight texture, smooth texture, simple color, easy bleaching, dyeing and charring, etc., which can be comparable to some hardleaf wood. Therefore, bamboo recliners are fashionable and durable, popular in Europe and the United States. The carbonized bamboo lounge chair has the natural pattern of bamboo fiber, and the color after carbonization is similar to that of high-grade mahogany, so it has a good leisure decoration effect.

Bamboo chairs can be divided into three types: one is a traditional folding chair based on mortise joints, which is similar in shape and structure to traditional leisure furniture. The second is the modern panel structure of bamboo chair panel furniture, which can realize the processing of standard components, and this folding bamboo chair is fashionable. The third is the bent non-collapsible chair, on the basis of the traditional round bamboo chair, mainly play the good flexibility of bamboo in the longitudinal direction. Bamboo rubber board recliner or rocking chair can realize industrial production and modular accessories, the overall design advocates natural, simple, environmental protection characteristics, is a rare leisure chair material.

4. Teslin lounge chair

The teslin fabric used in the deck chair is an emerging composite material with PVC on the outside and nylon wrapped around the inside. Its advantages are good pressure resistance, it will not break after sitting for a long time, and it is not easy to be dirty and easy to clean.

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