The iconic design elements of the pro-European style are basically here, collect them for later

I call several design styles with similar cultures such as European and American as pro-European styles, they have the same blood culture, American style is to a certain extent an independent style evolved from traditional European style, after all, American land was colonized by Britain for many years.

Through comparison and analysis, such as European, simple European, American, simple, pastoral and other European styles have the same design elements, then today I will share with you the commonly used design elements of European, very complete, it is recommended that you collect.

First, plaster lines, modeling class

Second, the handle class

Third, decorative columns

Fourth, metal decorative components

Fifth, the category

Sixth, decorative pendants, ornaments

Seven, the ceiling category

Eighth, lamps

Nine, carpet class

Ten, wainscoting panels

Eleven, curtain class

The above is just an iconic distillation of style elements, and there are many more styles to find for yourself.

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