The first skirt in spring is recommended to choose a pleated skirt, which is gentle and easy to match, and girls with thick legs can also wear it

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With the temperature of the weather, a lot

Elegant and beautiful

‘s skirts are favored by women. Like very

Feminine pleated skirt,

In this beautiful season, many beautiful women are dressed.

Reveal it

Beautiful and romantic

。 Combined with different items, it is easy to wear a different fashion taste, simple and beautiful

Feminine and gentle


The first skirt of spring is recommended to choose a pleated skirt,

Gentle and easy to match

, girls with thick legs can also wear it.

The matching advantages of pleated skirts

Show ladylike style

The style of the pleated skirt

Elegant and romantic

, like a loose fit, it is very suitable for women with poor leg lines to wear, you can put it

Disadvantages of the leg type

Well disguised.

And for mature women, it is also very tempting, dressing it out

Full marks for femininity

。 And if it’s a narrow pleated skirt,

Sexy and feminine

The adjectives will come to mind in a rush, and people will like it when they look at it.

Large skirt space

There are many pleats on the pleated skirt, so when wearing it, for

Limitations of leg shape

It’s small. The embellishment of the pleats increases the space of the skirt, even if it is

Slightly slimmed down

A little shape, but also there is not much restriction on the shape of the legs.

And in terms of combination with shoe tops, there is also a good way to wear, all kinds of items to combine with it, you can wear a different one

Stylish charm.

Consideration of the material of the pleated skirt


The material of the pleated skirt is also rich in variations, different materials, which are created

Skin-friendly effect

, that’s also a little different. Like a pleated skirt of chiffon, its

Thin and light to the touch

, wear on the body to bring

Effeminate and nothing


It’s also a little bit for body shape

No sense of restraint

。 And if the skirt is wide, then it is created

Comfortable and cozy

, is also incomparable to other fabrics, and it is super simple in terms of care.

Pure cotton

Pleated skirt made of pure cotton,

Breathable function

Very tough, and

Hygroscopic sensation

Also high. It looks very comfortable and soft when touched by hand,


The effect is super good.

Choose a pleated skirt made of this fabric,

Simple and comfortable

, after sitting for a long time, there may be some wrinkles, but it does not affect their popular status, and the comfort of wearing is also a disadvantage that has long been lost

Comes with neglect


Pleated skirt in leather fabric with a strong texture and


Also very tall, dressed

Stereoscopic and stylish

, the wearer’s momentum can be well created.

Plus leather fabric, in the care of the above is also very simple, for those

Lazy cancer

Girls, but they seem to like it very much, even if there is some dirt on it, it only needs to be light

Wipe it clean

, This kind of material is really super favored by them.


The pleated skirt made of satin is delicate and elegant, with some luxurious beauty.

Enhances clothing

, enhance the wearer’s taste, wear it

Comfortable and delicate

, light and dangling feeling, bringing a

Light luxury beauty.

If you pair it with a different top or shoes, you can wear it fashionably

Elegant charm

, the line of sight looks very good

Eye-catching and prominent.

Color design of pleated skirt


A pleated skirt with a checked design that reveals

British wind,

Will some formally

Vintage charm

Illation. If the color is still a classic contrast, then wearing visual beauty is also a momentary thing, plus the design of the fit, it is also very classic

Regular fit.

Well for

Mature women

, as well as workplace beauty, can be well held. Just change into a pair of temperamental heels at will


When I went out, I seemed calm and calm

Take one’s time.


light-colored checked skirt,

Fresh and bright

And beautiful and idyllic, bringing a beautiful good mood. It also coincides with the bright spring atmosphere, no matter what age the woman wears,

All without a sense of violation.

And the light-colored pleated skirt, in the matching want to wear a little more elegant, then combined with the gentle top, so that the whole outfit shape, become

It’s fascinating

。 And the fit above the line of sight also became

Very advanced.

design and color

The pleated skirt of the floral color is not as single and rigid as the monochrome system, because there is

Embellishment of flower cases

, the skirt will also become more popular

Smart, beautiful.

And whether the décor is low-key or ostentatious and rich, it can be different

Stylish display.

It is also possible to combine different pieces

Stylish and elegant

The charm is well embodied, wearing one

Intellectual elegance


Funky temperament.

Vivid colors

Pleated skirt in color,

Stylish and eye-catching

, can be worn with a high degree of recognition, its plasticity is also very high. Wear it to create a good color, if you want the whole outfit to look out

Very eye-catching

Then the top is also chosen

Bright colors

for good, or for

Color uniformity

, choose the same color top, in order to create the brilliant temperament of the shape very well, it looks very good


There is wood.


The dark pleated skirt is visually subtle and restrained, and creates a kind of one

Steady and strong

feeling. Especially for mature women, there is a big deal


And the women’s share

Dignified and sexy

Well built.

Especially for women in the workplace

It’s a perfect fit

。 No matter what color of clothing it is combined with, it is intertwined

Layered beauty

, are all very well created, look at it feels very true

Beautiful and charming.

How to match a pleated skirt

Pleated skirt + trousers

Generally, the layering method is used more often on the upper body, but with the continuous change of fashion, the bottom is used

Layering and matching

, is also more and more common. It is also very good to choose a pleated skirt to layer and match with pants

Funky and eye-catching

Their combination will not be as rigid as a single color system, and it can also be worn well

。 The top can be worn casually with different outfits to be full

Funky style

Build, just look good.

Pleated skirt + boots

Spring, autumn and winter

Home of boots

In early spring, with some coolness, the probability of boots appearing is still very high. whereas

Elegant and agile

The pleated skirt, combined with the boots,

Elegant, light and stylish

, can also coexist.

Different fashion trends are easily created and perfectly created

temperament style,

Show off a different femininity and wear it out


Pleated skirt + short coat

The pleated skirt with a high-waist style makes a slender figure well and can be worn

Elegant ladylike

。 If the cut of the pleated skirt is still


‘s shape, then the trend of wearing it will also become

More intense.

The blessing of a short coat can be worn

Tall figure

, This pair of women whose height is short, is also very friendly dressing style, can be worn well

Funky and provocative

Pleated skirt + tweed coat

of a woolen coat

Dashing atmosphere

, with a big woman’s

A sense of aura

, especially the way to wear after untying the placket, it is extremely domineering. When with

Full marks for tenderness

The pleated skirts met each other after each other.

Different fashion styles are intertwined to bring a very different visual beauty. You can wear your own touch in between the gestures

Concise and candid

The charm, for

Hipster girl

, or older mature women, are all with a rich body

Pleated dress

A pleated skirt made of a dress, fashionable, simple and looking

Elegant and moving

If the color is very fresh, it will set off the skin tone very well

Beautiful and charming.

Adopt some girdle decoration to be delicate

Small man’s waist

It’s very easy to show.

And this skirt type needs to be matched with high heels to wear that kind of gentle

Feminine charm

If it is made with casual flat shoes, then the laid-back feeling can also be worn unusually

Stylish taste.

Pleated skirt + shirt

The wearing of pleated skirts and shirts is also a very classic combination, simple and capable

。 The femininity and grace of a woman can be interpreted


If you add the difference in color, then you can wear the visual above

, and its


There is also no reduction at all. If you like this too

Stylish outfits

, then let’s try it together.

Therefore, the first skirt of spring can start with pleated skirts, get fashionable wearing methods,

Cover the flesh to show leanness

The elegance and agility of the pleated skirt,

Elegance and charm

, can be combined with different pieces. Interpreting the ladylike or fresh temperament of women, and controlling different dressing environments, you can shape what you want

Stylish charm.

Stylish and elegant




Layered beauty

Layered beauty

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