Analysis of the problem of shifting after mountain bikes (chain jumping up and down)

Are many friends encountering the following problems during cycling? That is, when the chain is not operating the gear lever during normal riding, it will often change the size of the flywheel back and forth, I think this is the case.

Let’s briefly analyze the possible scenarios:

First of all, we look at the normal installation of vehicle accessories, no deformation angle, generally the problem of tightening the gear line, not adjusted well, or the vehicle has been moved by others when parked, after all, some people are curious, like to touch here, twist there.

This situation is easier to do, you can park the car smoothly and put the right finger to the highest gear, that is, the smallest flywheel gear, and then adjust the gear line to accurately up and down the gear, generally adjust the right finger dial or back shift line elastic fine-tuning knob can be fine-tuned.

Clockwise is to loosen the shift line, counterclockwise is to tighten the shift line.

Let’s talk about the second situation, it may be that when we usually park the bicycle, the car often falls down and over time the tailhook connected to the rear shift ride (generally slightly better cars are aluminum separate tailhooks, and some low-end cars are also integrated with the frame) fall and deform, or the tailhook is deformed during the ride, which is more serious. Examples are as follows:

Under normal circumstances, the tailhook should be perpendicular to the ground as indicated by serial number (1), and in the case of serial number (2), the tailhook is deformed and crooked to the inside of the body. In this case, we can generally find the right tool to wrench the tail hook back with appropriate force to make it perpendicular to the ground, most of the back dial can use a No. 5 hex wrench to correct the tail hook, and there are also other section wrenches and special repair tools.

Generally, after the tail hook is reset, the phenomenon of jumping wheel skipping is solved, if it is not too ideal, it can still be solved with the elastic fine-tuning knob of the adjustment front finger and the rear shift line. Or some tailhooks are very hard, can not be restored to the original state need to replace the new tailhook, pay attention to the tailhook but there are various shapes of O, mistaken, can not use ha.

This situation in the picture is relatively slight and can be solved by correcting the tail hook, or it can be handled by adjusting the shift line elastic fine-tuning knob without having to correct it.

Well, let’s say this, I hope it will be helpful to everyone, and I wish you all a happy ride!

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