Year-end inventory: What watches are worth buying in Longines in 2021

[Watch Home Watch Miscellaneous] Born in the 30s of the 19th century, Longines watches have a very high national popularity in China, I believe that many people’s first mechanical watches are Longines, which is closely related to its people-friendly price and colorful styles. Every year, Longines launches a variety of new watches, from formal watches to sports watches, from vintage models to innovative models, and in 2021 Longines has also launched many excellent models, so let’s talk to you today.

The atmosphere is tough and masculine

Forerunner titanium watches

The Forerunner is a new watch collection launched by Longines in 2020 that pays tribute to history’s greatest explorers and has been widely discussed. In 2021, Longines introduced grade 5 titanium to the Forerunner series, launching the Forerunner series 40mm and 42mm titanium watches, which are eye-catching.

Compared to the previous model, the new watch uses grade 5 titanium instead of stainless steel, which makes the watch lighter and more durable. In addition, the overall model adopts a black and gold color scheme, which is low-key and restrained without losing its luxurious temperament. Most importantly, the watch abandons the date window at 3 o’clock, ensuring the integrity of the dial. The brand equips this watch with an interchangeable titanium bracelet and a NATO nylon strap, allowing the wearer to switch styles to suit their preferences.

Inside this watch is the Swiss Observatory-certified calibre L888.4, which offers a power reserve of 72 hours. This movement is equipped with an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring, which effectively improves the accuracy of timing. From the price point of view, the cost performance is quite high, and it is difficult to find a watch that can match it in the 20,000 yuan class.

If you’re looking for a date window, you can opt for a green-plate stainless steel timepiece that comes with a titanium model, which is also available in 40 mm and 42 mm sizes.

Concas diving two-tone watches

To talk about Longines this year’s hottest watch, the Concas dive series is among them. In April 2021, Longines held a new product launch in Xishuangbanna, and we saw Longines’ new two-tone Concas diver’s watch at the launch, which was very amazing.

I am personally interested in this two-tone design with stainless steel and rose gold PVD coating, which is paired with a gray dial for a unique color aesthetic. In terms of performance, the brand has equipped this watch with an exclusive calibre L888.5, which provides about 72 hours of storage and is water resistant to 300 meters. Combined with the public price of 14,700 yuan, the competitiveness of this watch is quite high.

A cousin named “James.Bai” in the forum also bought this watch, and the results were very good.

A classic replica of the Silver Arrow Silver Lightning watch

If I were asked which watch is the most modern of this year’s new products, I would definitely choose this classic replica of the Silver Arrow Silver Arrow. In 1956, Longines introduced its first Silver Lightning watch, and the name “Silver Lightning” stood out from 450 proposals, and it was the namesake of the legendary sports car that was popular at the time. The watch’s logo is a supersonic aircraft flying over the stars, symbolizing the Longines brand’s inextricable connection to aviation.

Launched in 2021, the new Classic Replica Silver Lightning retains the iconic features of the 1950s prototype, with a 38.5 mm diameter stainless steel case, a simple silver dial, and sword-like hands with super-LumiNova luminescent coating on the indexes and hands to ensure clear reading at night. It is worth noting that although this watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, it does not have the Automatic logo on its dial, which is intended to pay homage to the original.

There are also cousins in the watch house forum to share the watch buying experience, he bought this watch by chance, it can be said that it was love at first sight.

Hands-on drawing of cousin “declan666”

Delicate and gentle to set off the femininity

The Masterpiece women’s moon phase watch

The official launch of the Masterpiece series was in 2005, and for more than a decade, Longines has added many complex models to the collection, including the familiar “Big Brother” full-length eight-needle moon phase, as well as the complex retrograde moon phase watch, but most cousins recognize that the Longines Mastermaker series began with the men’s moon phase watch launched in 2019. In 2021, Longines launched the Women’s Moon Phase Watch to enrich its women’s watch categories.

Longines’ Craftsman’s Women’s Moon Phase Watches are available in a wide range of styles, with a mother-of-pearl dial and a colourful strap (red, blue, taupe), and those who like classic styles can also choose between a blue sunray dial or the iconic silver wheat grain accent dial.

Here we would like to introduce you to this watch with the model of this mother-of-pearl dial with a blue alligator leather strap as an example. With a diameter of 34 mm, the watch is moderately sized in women’s watches, with a dial set with feminine diamond indexes that echo the slender willow-shaped hands. The new Mastersmith women’s moon phase watch continues the layout of men’s moon phase watches, with a moon phase display and a date display at 6 o’clock on the dial, which is both practical and beautiful.

There are many women’s watches on the market that pay more attention to the appearance design and ignore the performance of the model, but Longines has both. Through the sapphire crystal glass caseback, we can admire the precision of the L899.5 self-winding calibre, which provides a power reserve of about 72 hours when fully wound and is water resistant to 30 meters, which is no less than comparable to men’s watches in its class.

Jia Lan series ultra-thin watches

Elegance is the basic value of Longines, and the Jia Lan series is a symbol of Longines’ elegant style. Launched in 1992, the Longines Garland collection is loved by elegant people for its ultra-thin shape, rich style and outstanding quality. Among this year’s new products, there is an ultra-thin watch from the Jialan series that is easy to overlook, but once you notice it, you will be impressed.

This watch continues the elegant style of the Garland collection. Thanks to the exquisite design of the case, the back, lugs and bracelet of the watch are cleverly connected, resulting in an ultra-thin and smooth shape, only 4.5 mm thick and extremely comfortable. The white mother-of-pearl dial features 12 diamond indexes and a white leather strap, perfect for women seeking elegance.

The watch is powered by a quartz movement and has a battery life of 3 years.

Evidenza Collection Barrel watches

The Evidenza Collection was inspired by the mid-1920s, when the “Art Deco” style was in vogue, and the innovative Longines borrowed the formal language of the Art Deco style to introduce the first special-shaped watch, which later won numerous awards. The last watch I recommend to you today is from the collection series.

Although the design of the collection is inspired by classic watches from 1925, the shape of the barrel can be traced back to the brand’s watch launched in 1911, which also reflects the historical value of this watch. The new Evidenza Collection women’s watches recreate the brand’s classic barrel shape, with a sunburst on the outer edge. The aquamarine dial is complemented by elongated indexes painted with slender Roman numerals, giving the watch a different visual feel. Inside the watch is the L592 self-winding mechanical calibre with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of approximately 45 hours.

In addition to the sea green model, Longines also introduced a silver dial with a blue leather strap, and the overall style is more understated. The official price of these two watches is 15700 yuan, if you like a personalized style, you can consider them.


When a friend asked me to recommend a watch, the first brand that came to my mind was always Longines, because you can’t go wrong with Longines. Whether in terms of brand awareness, sense of design, movement quality, after-sales maintenance, etc., Longines is an excellent choice. And friends who follow Longines should know that from August 1, 2021, the warranty service of Longines automatic mechanical watches has been extended to five years, from reliable quality.

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