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In the winter clothing market, there is such a dress that has become “symbol of identity” because it is not a famous coat, but there is a soldier brand, a million yuan, many consumers who want to be huge in the New Year. Sign, this is

Fur coat


But now you are walking on the street, XX fur is less and less, more and more people in winter purchase of high-quality down jackets, but few people go out of the fur coat. It is not difficult to find in the store.

The high-quality suede coat that once a million yuan is now only three or four thousand yuan. What is the era of rising this price, why is the fur coat price increase? People wearing less and less?

It is not difficult to see from the development of my country’s clothing. Each dynasty costume style and clothes are different, and the use of daily consumer goods is also a certain extent, the development of life rhythm. In the era of fur coat crazy price increase, a high-quality fur coat is a symbol of the representative and identity of wealth, especially during the New Year, and walking friends to wear a fur coat can be psychologically satisfied.

Perhaps a fur coat itself is not very high, so it can reduce a few thousand yuan today. Many people have been willing to pay for high-priced fur coats. It is undeniable that a gorgeous and warm fur is indeed a fashion stream from not absence in winter fashion weeks.

But it is not “necessary” for ordinary people.

The depreciation of the fur coat, I want to leave the following key factors.



The era of developing enough, some small and medium-sized cities can buy high-priced luxury accessories, which is also a representative of the fur coat, which is also a representative of the fur coat, even if there is no luxury counter. Compared to this “seasonal” luxury, millions of watches, sports cars seem to be more durable.

at the same time,

The price of the fur coat is not uniform


It is difficult to define clear standards in the industry. Many sales will also “prize”, it is difficult to do what is worthwhile, compared to luxury goods directly clearly priced, the fur coat naturally lost in Tuhaxy consumers. Trust.

Most important, still now


Protecting the awareness of animals

Many fur coats need to be produced with various small animals. In order to save good hair, many producers’ methods are cruel, so many stars, consumers are jointly calling “protecting animals, do not wear suede coats”, in recent years The heat of the fur coat naturally fell.

There is a saying, a high-quality warm down jacket can also keep warm, do not have to pay for the high fur coat.

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