(Men’s help) I don’t want to be said to be a straight male cancer by my girlfriend, and the wallet is the most important.

Wallet, English Wallet, Japanese is called “wealth”. The word Wallet is the meaning of the flat packet of the banknotes. Details, even if the location of Logo print is very particular, don’t want to be said to be straight male cancer, and the wallet is the most important.

A good man is installed. When a man who saves money to conquer the woman’s desire, maybe a gentleman’s gentleman’s gentleman who reflects a woman will make women more adequate. A decent wallet can make a man’s charm and cultivation.

Whether the wallet is exquisite to directly affect the brilliance of the man’s generous, so a good wallet is too important for a man. Men’s and lady chose the way the wallet is different, the men’s wallet does not have a complicated style. It is roughly that it is similar, carefully scrutines, and different shapes, brands, colors, materials, leather, and different. The long wallet is more similar to the short wallet. It is suitable for the use of people who pursue fashion; short wallets are more practical and easy to carry, suitable for most people; open wallets are suitable for more sex, pursuit of freedom Man is used.

How to choose a wallet?

A decent wallet must be natural leather, such as leather, pearl fish skin, elephant skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, crocodile skin, etc., nylon fiber, etc. Difficult to Chance. A good wallet must be manual. The trace is flat, the left and right are balanced, creases, corners, and oillets are fine, to be uniform, such wallets can be used for many years.

The wallet is commonly used, naturally the highest principle. When choosing a wallet, no matter how standard, quality, brand, and packages are not enough, the number of intervals, etc., should be the focus of considering. The short wallet length and width are short, generally close to square, if you often pack pockets, the short wallet is suitable. Now that young people usually like long wallets, it seems to be more than short wallets. In terms of fashion image, the long wallet is fashionable, tasteful than the short wallet.


Which brand of men’s wallet is good?


Louis. Vuitton


(Louis Vuitton) Louis Vuitton is one of the most outstanding leather design masters in France. In 1854, Paris opened the first luggage store named by his name. After a century, Louis Vuitton became a number of brands in the field of luggage and leather parts and became a synergies of the upper society. Today, Louis Vuitton is not limited to design and sell high-grade leather goods and luggage, but become a giant trend indicator involved in fashion, jewelry, leather shoes, luggage, jewelry, watch, media, famous wine and other fields.

Guci. Ancient

Gucci is an Italian fashion brand, founded in 1921 in 1921 in 1921. Gucc’s products include fashion, leather goods, leather shoes, watches, ties, scarves, perfumes, household items and pet supplies, Chinese translation for Gucci, Gucci. Gucci brand fashion has always been famous for high-end, luxurious and sexy, and has become a rich and superflow of consumption in the brand image of “Identity and Wealth”. It has always been gapped by business people and fashion. Gucci is currently Italy’s largest fashion corporation.


Old man

Leonado (old man) comes from Italy. Italy Old Head International Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Authorized China Guangzhou Old Tire Leather Co., Ltd. production, manufacturing, development! Its rights sales in mainland China, the old man’s head / laorentou brand series, its design is from the hands of the Italian master. A hundred boutiques in many countries around the world have established a strong brand positioning in the industry.



Goreben-Wheat Bag, a well-known brand, Gearband, low-key, calm, not Zhang Yang, free to black brown, just like a cup of hemorrhee, a strong coffee, like Tiancheng, refreshing. While capturing the leader of the world, integrate Goreburn’s unique design essence, select imported high-quality leather, can engrave leisure, fashion, practical, and more suitable for Chinese business men’s feet.

Classic wallet of Bottega Veneta

Another casual point can consider the camel brown, or even mix and match a different material. For example, this Ralph Lauren card package is a textured and luxurious.


Ralph Lauren Men’s Wallet

But with the female mint, the fashion spirit, occasionally commented a fun, such as the fresh color paint skin, such as Comme des Garcons, red or gucci black skin with a brunette bag, is a small-scale short-term.

Seven wolves

Seven Wolf Industrial Co., Ltd. mainly operates the “seven wolves” casual men’s brand clothing

Technical enterprises, through the thirteen years of development, seven wolf brand clothing has been in China’s market share in China, and 1992 “Seven Wolves” won the first batch of “Famous Trademarks” in Fujian Province and received a comprehensive quality standard certificate for the Ministry of Agriculture; 1994 The year was rated as “National Product Quality Supervision and Quality Enterprise”; 1996 evaluation only costs only to 249.7 billion yuan; “Seven Wolves” again won the title of “Famous Trademark” in Fujian Province in 1998.

St. Paul


The US Shengdaolo leather goods is the world’s top three leather brands, the world famous brand “Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club”, from 1910, California Santa Barbara Majo Club, with this club The development of the “Shengda Paul” logo series products, becoming the favorite clothing brand showing the identity and taste the elegance, is a famous gentleman who produces from the aristocratic movement.



In 1933, Rene Lacoste officially entered the business community and founded la Chemise Lacoste garment. He embroisted on all shirts produced on all shirts of the famous crocodile logo, pioneered the graphic as the first river identified by the clothing brand. 2003 is the 70th anniversary of the Lacoste brand. Today, Lacoste’s crocodile logo has become one of the most famous and most identifiable trademarks in the world. There are about 40 million items with a Lacoste crocodile logo every year in all over the world.



Hugo Boss is famous for its men’s clothing and men’s accessories, men’s perfume, ladies perfume, wallet, watch and glasses accessories. Perfume has always been famous for France, Italy’s brand well-known international, Germany’s classic brand, but with rigorous, secretly known Germans created a hugo boss: Natural but not hung, the sensibility is not Zhang Yang. The three brands of Hugo Boss BOSS, HUGO and BALDESSARINI represent three different temperament and life beliefs, respectively. Whether it is clothing, leather goods or glasses, it adheres to this classification.

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