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# Men’s shampoo #

# 我 要 要 上 #

See so much wash water, what do you feel?

My feeling is that I am so luxury [Anguang flashed]


I have entered such shampoo

— Vavk Men Shampoo

After this shampoo has been used, the big grease has improved a lot. The oil control effect is really strong. It can be refreshed in the hair finished, and the hair is still complaining. It feels that it is very good, true It’s love.

— Wis shampoo

This shampoo is really gentle, and after washing, the scalp is not there, and the hair is with free marine. In general, it is still good.

— Australia to wash water

This shampoo has several colors. In this main shaping, you can try it seriously, you will have a big improvement, you can’t see the dandruff in the period of time.

— Adidas Shampoo

A sporty shampoo, it is really refreshing with it after exercise, and the sweat and a small amount of grease are cleaned. The hair is refreshed all day is no problem.

— Cooky Shampoo

I bought it for my brother. His scalp is too daily like a lion. After washing the hair, I didn’t expect it. I didn’t feel refreshing, but the shampoo was gentle, and the ribbon has wooden fragrance.

— Adolf shampoo

I took it once, I was thrown in the corner, I was not too suitable for me. After using it, I was inexplicably with my dandruff. I was annoyed.

— 绿 德雅 洗 水水

Wash more dry shampoo, washes the small green beads inside, will have a better cleaning, not exercising, the scalp can be used for two days


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