Saudi “The most beautiful princess” Amena: Defending female rights without veil, kicking the prince to marry billionaire

She is


Saudi Most Beautiful Princess


It is the only woman who dares to provoke the royal family. When all Saudi women live in a black cloth, she can bravely challenge the authority.

Sexy dress attending activities



She is the most famous feminist fighter in the Middle East, is a woman in the first Saudi to learn.

The driving right of Saudi women in 2018 is it.

However, such a “arrogant” of the “arrogant” is not accepted by the Saudi Royal Room, she is forced to divorce her husband.

However, after divorce, she did not depreciate, not only continued her own career, but also married hundreds of millions of people, and lived into all Middle East women envious.

How many “rebellious”? What did you work for women’s level?


I will take a look at it today.

Saudi front King – Amena


Legend of life.

In 1983, Amena was born in the capital of Saudi. Because it is a royal descendant, even if the parents are divorced, Amena is still rich in life. In addition, the mother loves her, so Amena has never eaten anything.

Perhaps the marriage has brought an impact to the mother of Amena. She more felt that women had more important to control their lives, so she took particular importance to Amena’s education.


Therefore, Amena has completed high school education in Saudi, it went to the United States. There, Amena accepted a completely different open education with Saudi. She not only learns professional knowledge, but also goes to learn to drive, take T stand, everyone knows that Saudi women, no matter how beautiful clothes are wearing, there is a black cloth, but also the right to drive. Amena has witnessed men to women’s natural insults and discrimination, so I also swear in Amina in the United States, she wants to work for the happiness of Saudi.

Finally, under the efforts of Amena, she finally took the university University of New Ho. And at the gap of university, she interviewed the Saudi prince Valid.

At that time, she won’t know,

This man in front of you will become your husband.

Although Valid is not a king of Saudi, his grandfather is the King of Saudi, and his father is a prince of Saudi, and his mother is a thousand gold in Lebanon, so Valid is also a noble Saudi royal family.

Although it is born in the royal family, Warrid is not a rich family, he once started with a 11,000 US dollar, with a unique investment model, rapidly expanding personal assets to $ 20 billion, and mount “Forbes” many times. The top ten in the world is called “Middle East”.

Therefore, two equally excellent people will be very polite after meeting, and Warrid is also in love with this rebellious girl.

After 9 months, two were married. It is worth mentioning that in their wedding, Walid is also wearing traditional towel costumes, but Amena is boldly unloading the black robe, making a throne of Saudi, the first throwing side, not wearing yarn, because This is the privilege of her husband to her.

Middle Eastern feminist fighters

In 2018, the world’s famous magazine “Vogue” on the cover of the Arab version, a Saudi Princess is lazy on the red convertible, in which this is just a general magazine cover, but in the Arab women, This is a huge victory.

I believe many people in front of the screen know that Saudi women have to wear the head towels daily, but everyone does not know, in Saudi, women are not allowed. However, in 2018, such regulations were finally banned, and the cover placed in the beginning is that Vogue is a special version of the special version of the lava to celebrate the freedom of driving.

Such a victory, can’t leave the efforts of the Saudi Wang Hao Amena.


After marriage in Amena and Saudi, Amena is still in my life, often make some “out” move, such as the opening of the public, do not wear a black robes, although it is amazing every time, but there is always a pedestal The man chews the root behind it. And Amena is also the first woman who has a driving technology. She said that Saudi women can drive on the road like a man, and, she has also vigorously advocated the right to give Saudi women’s driving.

Although this series of “out” moves, although many people are sick, but good in her husband, she supports her, not only take her to attend all kinds of occasions every time, and the couple also form a special foundation, this foundation It is an international non-profit organization, mainly for poverty alleviation, disaster relief and women’s empowerment.

But even if the husband and wife have harmonious, the pressure of the royal family can’t be ignored, after many controversy, the royal family warned Amena’s no longer throwing the appearance. Perhaps, in order to protect Amina, it may be due to your own interests, Amena finally divorced the Prince Saudi.

It is rare that this is still a friend after being separated, and there is no bad thing in each other.

In China, female divorce is still unasished, not to mention the lower Saudi, but Amena can live into others after divorce.


Drop the Prince of Saudi Marriage

“I want to tell the children, see, she is divorced, see what she is doing now? She is an independent woman, she is doing a good job for her country, you can be proud of her.” This is the light, it is Women who conduct a speech are the example of women in the Middle East, the former Saudi King – Amena.

For Amina, divorce does not mean life failure. She wants money to have money, she wants to be elegant, and the reputation is not lacking. It is more important to have independent thoughts and pursuits.

After divorced with the Prince of Saudi, Amena finally can make a big fist and do what they want.

She continuously attend a variety of meetings, using their influence for the Women in the Middle East, pioneered a lot of first time for Saudi, the previous Saudi female driving right, is being put forward by her, can have today Women’s driving freedom, Amena took ten years.

After winning achievements, Amena also ushered in the second spring of love. She met with myself like charity, the United Arab Emirates, who was bought, and held a wedding in Paris in 2018.


After marriage, the husband still had a pet to her, and the two quickly had a child.

Now, Amena is still a legal right for women, compared to those who hide in the deep palace, she is really busy every day, but rather than these, she has princess and Wang Hao envious. Without freedom, she can wear the most beautiful clothes, and accept everyone’s boast.

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