“China Bi” Wang Shipeng, transforming the first suite of life, accommodating more than 667 20-inch suitcase

There should be few people who should still hear the name of Wang Shipeng again, but people who like to play basketball must remember that he has killed the Slovenian team in 5.8 seconds in the Japanese World Championships, 17 years of career, was taken Many netizens are called “China Biby”!

Once he used the first salary of life, he bought the first set of rooms in life, or a school district room (I am really sour), although he can’t live in this house, but for the child to go to school, He decided to take this house to re-transform!

Wang Shipeng and his wife have biased the simple wind, like the color tone of black and white ash, the designer He Yongming visited this house, the area is not small, but the problem is a lot!

1 Enter no porch, no private, super spacious space want to achieve three functions of restaurant, living room and tea;

2 home no matter whether the kitchen cabinet is still short, it is still going to bend the waist;

3 The main sleepers and bathrooms cannot be owned at the same time;

4 lack of storage space, wife clothes, jewelery and hat are superior, and there is also Wang Shipeng’s own collection of various tea leaves;

5 The child is still small, the children’s room lacks entertainment space.

The designer has made all the entire home, and there are many non-loaded walls, and the space is re-combined. Let’s take a look at what is the transformation!

After the transformation, the independent porch is increased, protect indoor privacy, and there are invisible storage cabinets on the side wall, male owners play and fishing.

The door is customized to the door to customize the double-wrap cabinet, and the front is hurt the clothes, the back is put the season shoes, the storage space is large.

The living room also has a stealth cabinet of the whole wall.

The whole space is taken into three, there is a traditional living room area, used to casual guests, double sofa can be dismantled, and it is very flexible.

The outer curved multi-function balcony is changed to the casual tea room. It is usually sitting with friends to drink tea, or sit on the sofa and look at the scenery outside, the field of view is very good.

The kitchen is changed to open, and the restaurant is connected together, the whole space is even more spacious, the cabinet is also raised, the table + island is now very popular, and it has become the connection point of the kitchen and restaurant.

A “spiritual pillar” is designed in the middle, specializing in showing Wang Shipeng’s medals.

Specialized tea collection room, constant temperature and humidity is also ventilated, can better save tea.

The master bedroom is designed in gray adjustment according to Wang Shipeng and his wife, and there is some green plasty, there is a comfortable and quiet atmosphere.

It is an invisible wardrobe of the whole wall.

If the main lying color is dark, then the children’s house will be bright, and the two people have the second child. The designer will go to bed, and the double desk is ready to prepare in advance, and it is no longer worried later.

Wall side, cave plate, one side of the wall, storage and entertainment.

This suite is the first set of Wang Shipeng’s life. It is also a place where the child opens his career. It can be said that it is extraordinary. The overall transformation is very large. It is full of metal feelings and futuristic. There is 22.69m3 in the whole house. It is equivalent to 667 20-inch baggage box so much, it is called “there is a baby family” textbook model design!

Finally, ask, do you like this style of house?

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