Male Star Street Take | Ding Zhen also has a street shot, celebrate the big son, Jin Jie’s little boyfriend is urinating?

当, 当, hear the ringtone ended on the weekend, you don’t be too nervous ~ The acting street shoots for your happiness “Continued”!

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

This week, there are many “old faces” that have long been looking forward to the long-awaited “old face”, there is always a small number of streets, but the number of street shoots is not much. Let’s take a look!

On December 17, Ding Zhen appeared in Beijing Airport.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Today’s street shooting C is allowed to leave our rare: Ding Zhen younger brother.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Simply single down jacket + black hoodie, inserting a pocket, I am afraid that only a pair of “pearl eyes” is also full of handsome. Who is the same as editor, a recent look at Ding really thinks the video of the Mercedes-Benz that a man star in the plateau ~

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

On December 23, Jingbao appeared in Shanghai Airport

“Street shot facade” well today is also stable output, one piece of green velvet jacket with a wide leg jeans, long-awaited dark blue knitted cap with the “Christmas tree”. Overall with warmth and level, want to see Jingbao sharing daily OOTD pinch!

On December 19, Lili Repair Shanghai Airport

Yes, “missing population” professionals finally appeared in the airport, wearing DNT’s smoke powder sweater with retro red hair band, old woman shoes and Prada bag adding sports. Handsome, old, have a fan! Such coloring is still inexplicably atmosphere.

On December 17, he celebrated Shanghai Airport.

“Little Gongzi” gives people a bright feeling in front of each street. A gucci old flower down vest is echoing the same series of baseball caps and sawtooth shoes, khaki sweater processing trousers to combine color, the overall LOOK is handsome, cool!

On December 19, Oscar appeared in Chengdu Airport.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Old acquaintance Oscar has always been a walking “sweater Antian” ha! Today’s jacquard sweater from elvis.cheung is very old atmosphere, and we will wear casual black wide-legging or other options that will not be wrong. A child loved.

On December 22, Ayun Head appeared in Beijing Airport.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

“The ideal boyfriend” is updated. A brilliant Ayun, who is tall, is wearing a landscaping, a black zipper, stitching sports shoes and Jane Tott bags as a supplement of the details, rarely girls can leak like this boys ~

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

On December 21, Feng Shaofeng appeared in Shanghai Airport.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Feng Shaofeng also came to the streets, straight men’s winter must-have down vest, Feng Ge chose to overlay the flight jacket. The foot wearing LV panel shoe printing flowers hairy trousers is a very different cool black.

On December 20, Zhang Jike appeared in Shanghai Airport.

“The Facade of the State Tenn Weet” Zhang Jike’s latest airport street update, splicing leather down jacket with white hoodie, vitality, motion, sports dress is very charm!

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

On December 22nd, Li Ronghao appeared in Shanghai Airport.

Real “Rare” – Li Ronghao is coming! Rong Hao teacher This set of LOOK did not look at the first eye? Pleated short jackets with a micro-jeans, jackets, and jeans are all in memory points. The combination is very handsome and has nothing to say ~

On December 21, local time, Kanye West appeared in LA

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

The top three foreign male star street shoots this week are very intriguing. First, Ye, go to the 30-year-old birthday party of Friends Offset on the 21st, still “rumored half-long suit”, mottled pants, taste ” Boots, familiar tastes.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

According to the foreign network, it is said that the lunar is recently divided with the female model Vinetria, similar to the preparation of “late” to return to the family.

Local time December 23, Pete Davidson appeared in LA

It is rejected (like there is no suitable identity certificate). When you leave the pharmacy, you still stand in the Kim’s luxury car, you can’t understand … but it doesn’t hinder being greatly shocked.

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Last December 20th, Scott Disick and Model Bella Banos appeared in France

Carter’s Front Big Sister and the former girlfriend appeared in France St Barts Beach Happy vacation, two people just announced a breakup (close to the time of the card big sister declare marriage), now I have been taken two consecutive days. ” Forget the sea “Dating, watching it is also intimate. The world in this circle, I really don’t understand (respect)

On December 19, local time, David Tennant appeared in London

At first glance, I thought it was a member of the men! The big election is a new show in London, showing the “ruby” new color. The hot and charming color is equipped with the color, and it is okay.

On December 20th, Miles Teller appeared in LA shooting

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

The new drama “The Offer” in the Miles Teller starring Miles Teller is in the hot shot. Baby Blue’s pleated shirt jacket brown velvet suit, as well as a pair of soul pointed shoes, proper Confucius vintage gentleman. Looking forward to a new drama!

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

On December 20th, Jason Momoa appeared in Hawaiian vacation

“Sea King” is also new, live in the sea, there is also a sense of “Disney cartoon”. This one is a styling or actions, it is a feeling of familiarity, understanding (dog head).

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

On December 13th, Henry Cavill appeared in New York

“Sexy old man” taking a record of a detachment program in New York, making a publicity for “Hunting Devils 2”, and the casual suit can’t cover the good body ~ state level! Netizens joked Henry as “Liang Chaowei, the United States,” Haha.

On December 11, local time, Ryan Reynolds appeared in New York

“Small 小贱” New York Street “T-Tail” updated new style, in the suit with the body jeans, “I don’t love (not)”, this brother is getting more and more love.

On December 22nd, HUGH Jackman appeared in New York

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Uncle Huxuan recorded a new show in New York, watching it is really much better than before, and his face is a small circle. The but is still very full, and the full expression is a non-stop, handsome and vivid and cute uncle ~

On December 13, local time, Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber appeared in London.

Broad’s street shooting really gives you to die! The little couple goes to the Royal Opera House in London, “Entering the Country” is equipped with the British style grillat, from the Amiri 2021 autumn and winter series. The beaver’s dress comes from Acne Studios, and the two are handsome and returned, and the eyes are angry.

Last December 22nd, Ben Affleck and Son Samuel appeared in LA

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Da Benxin Street took a bicycle with sweetness. Motorcy x bicycle, familiar father and son ride, a sleep, a cool ~ Sam: strive to step on the car. Teacher: Motorcycle guidance. Photographer: It is tight. Everyone is very busy!

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?

Ou Lai Christmas Zhou’s street don’t know if you still have fun? If you like, don’t forget to praise comments. Continue next week, you can’t meet you!

Image Source: Visual China Network

男星街拍 | 丁真也有街拍啦,庆怜变身贵公子,金姐的小男友当众小便?


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